Great December Fishing in Kona

Blue Marlin Fishing in Kona wins family honors for Jeff Flores’s 502 Pounder

The best Marlin Fishing in Kona!  Jeff and Bernadette Flores are the new family champions now that Jeff has a 502lb Pacific Blue Marlin under his belt.  While Bernadette’s family are avid Marlin fishermen, they have also fished around the world for tuna and other billfish species.  The men in her family have always had the family record for big fish.  When they saw photos of Jeff’s fish, they thought it was a prop.  They could not believe the size of his trophy.  A proud day in the Flores household!

Mahi Mahi Fishing Explosion!

These are some photo’s of our day fishing for mahi mahi  yesterday when we came across a “Floater” (big cargo rope with growth on it) with dozens of Mahi Mahi under it. We caught 18 mahi mahi with the smallest being 14 pounds and the largest 22 pounds. We broke off or just plain lost another 20 or so mahi mahi. The “vacu seal” is going to get some work from this.

fishing in kona hawaii

mahi mahi fishing

Come join us Mahi Mahi fishing in Kona!!!