British Columbia Family Covets Japanese Glass Float









Bev, Bryan and Dana Mills along with Eric Cooper-Smith from Campbell River, BC spent the day with us hoping for the “Big One”.   While following a nice current line with a lot of debris, we spotted the treasure, a Japanese Glass Float.  Bev was very excited.  She stated that she used to live in the Queen Charlotte Islands and walked the beaches for years hoping to find one.  We ended up not getting a fish but we gave her the Glass Ball.  She proudly announced that she would take it home with her and keep it safe forever.

Fish of a lifetime for Twin Canadian Brothers











Larry and Greg Hosegood from Winnipeg, Canada along with their families boarded the Fire Hatt early to get first crack at a fish.  They are fishing guides in Canada and realize the old saying “The early bird gets the worm”.  After giving the chair rundown to Greg, Linda had Larry’s son Skyler in the chair demonstrating what he could expect if a smaller fish bites.  Then the big fish hit the long corner bait.  A favorite lure of Linda’s that Bomboy Llanes (Bomboy Lures) crafted  especially for her.  It is appropriately named the “Lucky Linda” and had consistently been bit all week.   Three hours and five minutes later we had the Marlin to the boat.  It was tail wrapped and died during the fight.  I only wish everyone could have witnessed the brotherhood between these two men.  They coached and encouraged each other and kept remarkably cool during the entire fight!  They were saddened by the death of the fish and really wanted it to be released.  As did we.

Three Fish Day for Chet Chiara and The Hemler’s

Three Fish Day for the Fire Hatt

Doug Hemler's 40+lb Shortbill Spearfish

The fish are here, they are biting and the fun has just begun!  Doug Hemler and his son Eric from Golden, CO.  enjoyed a morning of fishing along with Chet Chiara from Ankorage, AK.  The morning started with a nice rip on the long corner, a Joe Yee Super Plunger was devoured by a 20+lb Mahi Mahi.  Eric fought the fish to the boat in a matter of minutes.  Shortly after getting the lines back in the water, the long rigger zipped.  This time a nice Shortbill Spearfish for Doug.  The father and son duo did tell us they were lucky when it came to fishing…the proof was demonstrated today.   Then It was Chet’s turn in the chair.  First the long rigger bounced a couple of times with the rubber band not breaking.  Knowing there was a fish back there, we brought the stinger in a little closer.  Captain Chuck made a turn to stall the lines and Bam, it took it!  Then it came off, then it took it again.  Chet had teased the fish back by letting out the line then giving it several cranks.  Success!  Just another wonderful morning on the water in Kona Hawaii!

Nobody Injured in Kona Tsunami

Kona Tsunami

Photo Courtesy of Big Island Video News -

We took FIRE HATT out of the Harbor at midnight Friday night and hung out offshore in 5000 feet of water to avoid the the Kona Tsunami. As you know, nothing would be felt or noticed there. Below is a video of what happened in Downtown Kona, as most of you who have been or lived here know, this may take quite a while to repair.

As dawn broke, when the video was taken, Honokohau Harbor in Kona, looked like the Mississippi River with running surging water for hours. Those of us who own our own boats stayed out most of the day as when boats tied up early they bucked and bashed. Only one sailboat sank as it was left inside unattended.

With all of that going on, Miss Linda said, “Since tomorrow is my birthday, I want the two of us to go fishing!” We did and caught two Ono (Wahoo) 30+ pounds and two Mahi (Dorado) 20+ pounds. She caught them all and was a very happy woman so Happy Birthday Linda!

We are fine and wanted to thank all of you for the calls, emails and texts.


Kona Tsunami (video):

Iron Man, Doug Mackenzie’s First Blue Marlin

Doug Mackenzie, a 17 year participant in the Iron Man Competition caught his first Blue Marlin while fishing aboard the Fire Hatt with Captain Chuck Wilson in Kona, Hawaii. He effortlessly fought the fish for about six minutes before we released the beauty. Doug was aboard with friends Brian and Bonnie Barber and John and Eva Jones all from Canada.