First Billfish for Tommy Wells While Fishing in Kona Hawaii

While Fishing in Kona Hawaii this week, Clayton “Tommy” Wells boarded the Fire Hatt on a 3/4 day afternoon charter in hopes of  catching a prize Blue Marlin.  After am hour into the trip, the short corner is bit.  A Shortbill Spearfish.  Tommy gets to the chair and after a short 5 minute fight, we landed his catch.  An avid Cutting Horse Owner and Competitor from Houston Texas, Tommy used his calm demeanor and precise maneuvers to calmly bring the fish to the boat. What a delightful afternoon.  Tommy and his Wife will try tomorrow for their ultimate prize…a Pacific Blue Marlin.  The Marlin are showing in numbers now just in time for the Kona Kickoff Tournament this weekend.  We will be fishing the tournament and hopefully will have a great success story to share with you.

Another Great Day of Marlin Fishing in Kona Hawaii for Jacob Kleiss

While vacationing in Kona this week, Jacob Kleiss along with his parents James and Rhonda and sisters, Sarah and Jenna boarded the Fire Hatt for a morning of snorkeling at Captain Cook followed by a little fishing.  Both turned out to be a great success.  We fished our way down to the bay with no luck.  Once out of the water and on our way back up the coast, we were bit just outside of “VV” Buoy.  There were earlier reports of blind strike Ahi at the buoy so we decided to try our luck there.  While we did not get the Ahi we targeted, I think Jacob was delighted with his first billfish, a 80 lb Striped Marlin.  Jacob is a Junior at Ronald Regan High School in San Antonio, Texas and will have a great story to tell about Marlin Fishing In Kona Hawaii.

Kona Fishing Tournament Time!

Its Kona fishing tournament time!.  With the first of the tournaments starting the 24th and 25th of this month.  Last year Russ and Debra Whitman from Redondo Beach, CA arrived excited and prepared to fish the Rock N Reel Marlin Tournament. On the second day of the tournament we hooked this 560 lb Blue Marlin to win the Largest Marlin Category.  Russ and Debra have a long history of winning fishing tournaments on the West Coast of California.  Having fished and owned boats for a lifetime, tournament fishing in Kailua Kona produced  the largest winning Marlin they’ve had.  The Whitman’s along with Rich and Pat Haley, another popular So CA Team will be arriving soon to try their luck at claiming another title later this month.

The Trials and Triumphs of Marlin Fishing in Kona Hawaii

Lost Marlin, Marlin that strike and don’t stick, Marlin that come up in the pattern chasing a lure and doesn’t take it, Marlin that spit the hook at the boat and finally, a hook set breaking today.  Need I say more?  Five chances in four days.  This is not a sport for the emotionally weak!  With that off the table, the fish are here.  Big League Marlin Fishing in Kona has begun.  The thrill is here with the anticipation of the big one.  With our tournament season approaching, great detail to tackle and the condition of the boat is now top priority.

Captain Chuck Talks Kona Fishing (Video)

It’s hard to describe the type of experience that you can expect with us when you are out on the water, so we created this short Kona fishing video to help show off what we’re all about.

Fishing in Kona Yields First Flag Fish for Max Hunt

Fishing in Kona Yields First Flag Fish for Max Hunt.  While aboard the Fire Hatt, Max landed his first flag fish, a 10 lb Mahi Mahi!  Pictured with crewman Tobin Hudgens, Max waited patiently for his chance to reel one in.  Finally, a line was bit.  Max and his dad, Ken have fished with us before, that time Max caught his first Skipjack Tuna.    Oh, his Mom?  She was preparing for the Iron Man Competition starting tomorrow.  Good Luck! I feel the long awaited Blue Marlin for Ken will come soon…

Third Time is a charm for Tom Anderson while Marlin Fishing in Kona HI

Marlin fishing in Kona HI is certainly exciting!  Just ask Tom Anderson from Sacramento, CA (center) and his Mom Joyce.  On the third day of fishing, an hour into the day, the stinger was hit.  Tom jumped in the chair and battled the Blue Marlin for forty minutes.  Once he got the line back to the rubber band he was just another 40 feet until leader and the fish was off.  Ouch!  Tom had intended to release the fish, no matter the size anyway.  The fish was estimated to be at least 400+ pounds.   With lines back in the water, we headed after another one.  Ten minutes later, the Short Rigger is bit.  After just seconds, the fish was off.  Just enough excitement to get the pulse racing.  Now without another bite, we are headed back to the harbor and we have a double!  One is off and the other turns out to be a Shortbill Spearfish.  Tom jumped back in the chair and finished what he originally wanted to to, land a trophy fish. Tom originally planned for two days of fishing.  When we went two days without a fish, he wanted to give it one last try.  Third time is indeed a charm.