Four Blue Marlin Bites and a Shortbill Spearfish

Four Blue Marlin Bites and a Shortbill Spearfish for Waunakee WI Family.  Mike, Kate, Parker, Brandt and Evan Dietry boarded the Fire Hatt expecting a fishing adventure. They got one!  An idyllic day with plenty of sunshine and calm blue water, what fishing in Kona Hawaii is known for. We headed north out of the harbor to an area known as the grounds where we had a fish the day before and another strike. There was still plenty of bait and birds in the area, the conditions were perfect.  We patrolled the area for a short time before our first strike.  It was a marlin that did not stick. This was enough to get the excitement going. With three more blue marlin bites that did not stick, Mike ended up with a prize 44 pound Shortbill Spearfish at the end of the day. Considered one of the best tasting fish in Hawaii, they are only found in the Central Pacific Ocean. Four Blue Marlin Bites and a Shortbill Spearfish along with great memories made for a terrific trip and a new family record.

The Most Fun I Eever Had Fishing

The most fun I ever had fishing in Kailua Kona Hawaii and never caught a fish.

(This post is a review from the Phillips Family posted on TripAdvisor.  Featured in the photo is a close family friend, Marco that was on the trip with them.)

My wife, kids and I lake fish often at our cabin in California’s Big Bear Lake. This was also our fourth private fishing charter in the 10 years we have been coming to the Hawaiian Islands. First trip without a catch.  But, to spend the day off the Kona Coast on a magnificent sportfishing boat (43′ Hatteris) like the Fire Hatt, with two engaging pros like Chuck and Linda, well, that is as good as it gets! Had such a good time visiting and learning about sportfishing and the big island, I almost forgot we were fishing.  When you’re out on the ocean, you never know what to expect, and this trip was no exception. Linda spotted a small bobbing buoy with some splashing around it, and we investigated. There was a 150 lb. blue marlin snagged by a buoyed fishing trap. We circled to try and release the fish, but the marlin took the whole contraption deep and we were never able to find her again; despite Chuck’s best efforts to get her released.  We also spent time with a very large pod of pilot whales that allowed us to tag along with them. The kids were very excited about all this as well as the generous and delicious fresh fruit and snacks that were provided for them by Linda.  When fishing, you get what the ocean gives and nothing is promised. The husband and wife team of the Fire Hatt went to every length to try and ensure our success fishing, but some days it just doesn’t happen, no matter what. All I know is that if you don’t go, you have a zero percent  chance of catching fish. We all live to fish another day.  The Most Fun I Eever Had Fishing in Kailua Kona Hawaii.
Thanks Chuck and Linda- We’ll be back to fish another day!
Ken, Ruthanne & kids
I should also add, this was a full day charter (8 hours) and we didn’t stop fishing until well into our ninth hour! Kudos to Chuck and Linda for going the extra mile! No rushing us to get back to the dock. Dissapointment was never an option, we had a blast!

200+ Pound Pacific Blue Marlin on 50 lb Test Line

I Love Marlin Fishing in Kona Hawaii was the sentiment shared between Chris and Rebecca Aust from Orange County, CA and us.  We had an epic day of fishing in Kona today.  We started with a hookup on the long rigger.  The  Lucky Linda Lure of course. Chris fought this 200+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin for about 25 minutes on 50 lb test line.  The Ken Matsuura Reels we use made the catch and release effortless.  Once we got lines back in the water, it was Rebecca’s turn at a fish.  Sure enough, about an hour later we are bit again.  The marlin is jumping and screaming off  line.  After just a few moments, the fish is off.  That marlin was  estimated to be a bit larger than the first one.  Now with a temporary lull in the action we decide to have lunch.  I commented to Chris that typically when everyone has a sandwich in their hands, a line goes off.  Sure enough, we are bit again.  Rebecca is back in the chair, line screaming, the marlin jumping and it comes off.  Again!  Actually, I think she was relieved.  The dorsel fin on this fish was so big that we all gasp as it came into the pattern and took the short rigger lure.  We ended this day with one release, two strikes and a mystery bite.  Not a bad day of fishing here in Kona Hawaii.

Another Perfect Day of Fishing in Kona Hawaii

Another Perfect Day Fishing in Kona Hawaii.  Pete Balon along with his wife Kelly Ann and cousin Derek Balon and Erica Capone boarded the Fire Hatt for a Birthday outing for Kelly.  Their hopes were to catch something for dinner and to release anything else.  Well, lets say I don’t know what they are having for dinner, but a couple of hours into the trip the stinger line is bit.  Pete is in the chair and fighting a nice Pacific Blue Marlin.  After about a 30 minute fight we had the fish to leader.  Pete is out of the chair and watches as we revive and release the beauty.  His fish was estimated to be around 180 lbs.  Guess which lure was bit?  The Lucky Linda Lure again.  Not sure what I am going to do if that lure “cools off”.  Happy Birthday Kelly, hope you have some great memories to take home with you.

Yellowfin Tuna Caught Fishing in Kona Hawaii

This yellowfin tuna was caught by our Fresno CA guests while fishing with us in Kona Hawaii. Ted and Joanna Semonious along with their friends Steve and Keri Paregien and Brian and Justine Fisher boarded the Fire Hatt for a adventure they will be talking about for a while.   With lady luck on their side and of course the Lucky Linda Lure in the pattern, we headed south.  Keri was in the chair first.  She had never caught a fish, period.  In just a short time the stinger line is bit.  Keri jumps in the chair giggling with the widest eyes I have seen in a while.  She fights her fish with the help of  Ted Semonious,  a Fresno CA Fire Battalion Chief and the 88 lb Yellowfin is boated about 30 minutes later.  Did mention it was caught on the Lucky Linda Lure?  By Bomboy Lures.

Fishing Kailua Kona Hawaii, 11 Year Old Jake Ransick takes 150.5 pound Yellowfin Tuna

Fishing Kailua Kona Hawaii, 11 Year Old Jake Ransick takes 150.5 pound Yellowfin Tuna.  Marv Garrett along with his Grandson Jack and his Dad, Todd, son John, and son in law Stewart Rauch boarded the Fire Hatt for what turned out to be an epic day of fishing.  Two hours into the trip, the short corner is bit.  Marv Garrett, a longtime Tuna Club Member from Catalina Island, CA here celebrating his birthday is in the chair and fighting his first marlin of this trip.  After a 45 minute fight on 50 pound test line using one of  our prize KEN MATSUURA REELS, Marv releases a 300+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin.  The largest this year for a Tuna Club Member.  Not to be outdone, around 2:00 PM, the long rigger is bit.  One big splash and what seems like a mile of line screaming off we have another fish.  This time Marv’s  Grandson,  Jack Ransick of Encino, CA is in the chair.  Assisted by his Uncle John Garrett, Jack lands a 150.5 pound Yellowfin Tuna.  I am guessing it is his largest fish to date!  I should also mention it was caught on the now very lucky “Lucky Linda Lure” made for me by Bomboy Llanes.  (Bomboy Lures)

Lucky Linda Lure and Lady Luck

The Lucky Linda Lure and Lady Luck came together again for Team Fire Hatt last Saturday while fishing the 16th Annual Wahine Tournament in Kona Hawaii sponsored by Huggo’s Restaurant.  Linda Wilson, Kay Kolt, Kathy Nelson, Julia Leino and Dolly were an all girl team lead by our Captain Chuck Wilson.  We had a short corner bite early that screamed out line and then was off.  Followed by that, Linda Wilson successfully released the first Blue Marlin for our team after a 15 minute fight.  We are on the board!  Soon after that, the long rigger was bit.  Angler Kay Kolt brought another Blue Marlin to the boat quickly and just 20 feet from leader, it was off!  Two more bites later and the tournament is over.  We are One for Four today.  The winning fish was caught by Kari Teshima.  She reeled in a 733-pound Pacific blue marlin.  The fish earned the four-member team 733 points in the one-day, 64-team fishing tournament.  Kaimalino, where they fished with Capt. Manu Hind.   (The Lucky Linda Lure is made by Bomboy Lures.)