Florida Couple Celebrates 25th Anniversary and First Pacific Blue Marlin


Mike and Sharon McAllister from Tampa Florida celebrated their 25 Anniversary and their first Pacific Blue Marlin while fishing in Kona Hawaii aboard the Fire Hatt .  Mike had his shot at a Marlin  on an early morning bite that did not stick.  After a long pause in activity, we are bit again.  This time the fight is on!  Sharon is in the chair this time and what a great job she did!  After a 25 minute fight, she has the fish to leader.  Captain Chuck leadered and held the Marlin so Sharon could get out of the chair and assist with the release.    We estimated the Marlin to be around 200+ pounds.  After we returned to the harbor Sharon commented that her adrenaline was still in high gear!  I’m thinking the adrenaline will last as long has that big smile.  We are looking forward to having them back so Mike can land his first Marlin.

Local Fire Fighter Fights His First Marlin

Blair Howard, a local Fire Fighter from the Big Island fights his first Marlin.  Along with his Mom visiting from the West Coast, they boarded the Fire Hatt with anticipation of what they might hook into today.  Around 2:00pm the fish hit the short corner, ripped out line and was off!  It came back and took down the short rigger and the fight was on.  Blair had the 300+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin to the boat in about 25 minutes.  The fish was released in great condition.

This did not surprise us being that Blair recently underwent 11 months of intensive instruction and fieldwork. The first 5½ months involved fire and rescue training that included a nationally recognized fire science curriculum, wildland fire training, hazardous materials operations training, rescue operations familiarization, lifeguard certification, and driver training.  The remainder of his training was spent at the Emergency Medical Services Training Center where he earned his Emergency Medical Technicians Basic and Intermediate certifications.  This fish did not stand a chance!

Guest Video: Impressive Catch and Release

This is a great video of a catch and release that Fire Hatt Sportfishing guests had in August 2011 fishing just outside Kailua-Kona. The marlin starts to appear around the 4 minute mark and you can watch Linda tag the big fish prior to compliment an impressive catch and release. Fire Hatt was featured on the TV show “Hawaii Goes Fishing” last April and you can see watch those episodes online.

A Big Day for Little Fishermen

A big day for little fishermen Marley and Calin. Mike Williams and Gayle Thomas both Firefighters from Alameda, CA joined us for a day of snorkeling and fishing.  Although we were light on the side of catching fish today, we got to see many while snorkeling at Captain Cook Bay. This was Callan’s first snorkel and by the end of the day after instruction from Mike and Gayle, he was using his mask and snorkel like a pro. As we were leaving the bay porpoise appeared and swam beside the boat.  The children were able to ride on the bow and watch the porpoise weave back and forth in the wash.   With lines back in the water and the journey back to the harbor the little fishermen slept soundly.


Guest Video: Catching My First Marlin

This is a video from one of our guests landing a big marlin while fishing aboard Fire Hatt on Sept. 1, 2011 in the waters just outside Kon, Hawaii. This video captures the excitement and thrill of the catch as well as how many people are involved in bringning in a big fish like this.

If you like this video, check out the videos on the blog post Hawaii Goes Fishing from earlier this year too.

World Class Hawaiian Fishing Adventure in Kona

Saying “Welcome to Kona Hawaii” is just an understatement!  How about “Welcome to a World Class Hawaiian Fishing Adventure!”  Casey Jedynak’s family are newly transplanted locals from Richmond WA.  Imagine your family arranging for a day of fishing in the beautiful waters of  Kona for what turned out to be a battle with a estimated 500+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin.  Yes it was Casey’s first Marlin.  His largest fish until now was a 20 pound Salmon.   We were one for three today.  This was the second bite for the day.  Casey did a great job on the rod.  The strength and determination of youth was surely a factor in this fight!  I am proud to say it was taken on the Lucky Linda Lure by Bomboy Lures.  Lucky Linda has been on a brief vacation lately.  The current batch of marlin have not taken her seriously.  She is now back in business!