Fun Fishing in Kona Aboard Fire Hatt

I’ve been on numerous fishing charters over the years, from Cape Cod to the Florida Keys, and I must say fishing in Kona aboard the Fire Hatt with Chuck, Linda and Adam off the coast of Kona was the most exciting and enjoyable charter experience I’ve ever had. The captain and crew could not have been more welcoming and hospitable to our group as we enjoyed an entire day of fishing in paradise. With a beautiful 43 foot Hatteras and the best rods, reels and lures, this is truly a first class operation that will not disappoint even the most experienced anglers. Five out of the six people in our group had the opportunity to reel in monster sports fish, exceeding our expectations and providing a truly memorable day that will not be forgotten. The captain and crew are seasoned anglers and go above and beyond to ensure fun is had by all. Anyone who is looking for a perfect day of fishing in some of the best waters in the world, look no further, Fire Hatt is the easy choice.” Guest post by TMack16 from Boston, Massachusetts on November 17, 2011


Fishing Floaters in Hawaii

Fishing floaters in Hawaii is our version of fishing the prized kelp paddy in Southern CA.  This time of year there are still some Pacific Blue Marlin around.  There are still some Ono too.  But honestly, if we can spot a floater this time of year, stand back because we will be in for a great episode of catching.  Heading offshore with a watchful eye, and really good binoculars, we encourage our guests to report anything that is NOT water.  We are looking for birds, trash and current lines.  Our guests really get into it.  This floater pictured to the left consisting of old nets and line was spotted about 10 miles offshore and proved to be loaded.  Our guests spent a couple of hours pulling in nice Mahi Mahi and a few Ono.  After several passes the fish tend to get wary.  Now we get the ballyhoo out and enjoy some light tackle fun!  Of course there is always the possibility that a predator is nearby.  These floaters are considered “refrigerators” for Marlin and other Prey fish.  We always make several passes just outside the area before we leave.  Bigger fish tend to hang just outside and know a meal is there when they are ready to eat.

Offshore Adventure for Joseph Sweeney and Company

Offshore Adventure for Joseph Sweeney and Company.  Joseph Sweeney is getting married this week.  His buddies, Chris, Mack, Jeff, George, Joseph and Justin treated him to a day of fishing and snorkeling here in beautiful Kona Hawaii.  Although Joseph lives in the Hilo area, he had never fished Kona.  The day started simply with Ono lures in the water and we headed down “Ono Lane” for a quick snorkel at Captain Cook Bay.  The guys are excited with the anticipation of what the day may bring.  Just a short distance from Captain Cook the long corner rod is screaming.  Joseph is in the chair fighting what turns out to be one of our biggest Ono this season and His biggest fish ever!  Estimated at 35+ pounds, the Ono was such a thrill for the group.  Once we finished our snorkel, we put the “big guys” out and head off shore for possibly a Pacific Blue Marlin or perhaps the coveted floater.  Sure enough, we spot a pile of birds at about 2700fa.  Once we arrived in the area we spotted a large cargo line that had been at sea for some time.  With the first pass, a nice Mahi Mahi is caught.  Then mayhem breaks loose.  These are all nice 20-30+ pound Mahi Mahi.  We did get another nice Ono in the mix too.  With the fish box full and the long ride home, we put out a few high speed lures and reluctantly headed in.  The group rode the bow all the way back to the harbor laughing and talking about their offshore adventure.  A good time was had by all.