Mahi Mahi Surprise for New York Brothers

Mahi Mahi Surprise for New York Brothers.  As 14 year old brothers Max and Dillon were boarding the Fire Hatt along with their parents David and Dawn for an afternoon family fishing trip, we were told that  Dillon was the lucky one.  Sure enough!  Just moments after the chair talk, we were talking and laughing when the short rigger went off.  As luck would have it, the “Lucky Linda Lure” was the choice for the Mahi.  Dillon is in the chair and the fight is on!  The Mahi Mahi fought hard and Dillon fought harder.  A short 10 minutes later he has his nice 20+ pound Mahi Mahi to the boat.  Crewman Adam Ludwig leadered and gaffed the prize and the fight was finished.  Now the family is trying to determine where to take the beauty to have it prepared for dinner.  There are several restaurants that will prepare your catch.  Have your crew make sure the fish is properly chilled and keep it cold until you get it to the chef.  It is always good to call ahead and let the restaurant know you are coming.

Look at these faces….that tells it all!

Big Blue Marlin for Christmas

A big Blue Marlin for Christmas.  Riley Wight from Heppner, OR brightened his Christmas Holidays this week in Kona with a beautiful 524 pounder.  It had been a slow couple of days with only one official marlin strike to report until this day.  We left the harbor and headed north to the “grounds”.  Just moments after Crewman Adam Ludwig  finished the chair talk  with Riley, the stinger line was screaming.   We instantly knew it was a big fish and likely a blue marlin.  With lines cleared and cameras manned, Riley is in for the ride of his life.  The fish ran, jumped and charged,  finally becoming tail wrapped.   After determining the fish was dying, we planed the fish up and unfortunately could not revive it.  We boated the marlin and came to the scales to weigh and unload before we headed out for more Hawaiian adventures.  Later in the afternoon we were just outside “F Buoy” and the same lure was bit again.  Line was screaming off and then nothing!  May have been a Big Tuna!

Merry Christmas from Fire Hatt Sportfishing

This Christmas Season we are forever grateful for all of the wonderful people we met on the water. We always want our guests to come on board as customers and leave as friends.  As we reflect back on the year, we see faces of young children marveling at the fish they just caught, the satisfied look of the guy that just wanted to catch anything, the surprised look on the face of a lovely lady that just landed a marlin larger than her fishing husband ever caught, and the sheer thrill at the sound of a reel going off and the mood on the boat going from just give us a shot  to oh my gosh, look at it jump!   We hope you took fond memories home with you and we thank each and every one of you for chartering with us and hope to see you again in the future.

This year we chose our Christmas Card from Marjorie Smith,  She lives in Key Largo, FL  Check out her work.

Merry Christmas from Fire Hatt Sportfishing,                                                                                                              Chuck and Linda Wilson



December Fishing In Kona Hawaii

Long time friends Russ and Deborah Whitman from Redondo Beach, CA have been fishing in Kona Hawaii for years.  Arriving this week, they already have one trip under their belt.  The Goal, simply catch Russ his first Blue Marlin since his massive heart surgery last year.  Russ is not a beginner.  He has fished Marlin, Tuna and Mako for at least 40 years from Coast to Coast.  Most of those years from his home port of Marina Del Rey, CA.  So far this week, we have a 28+ pound Mahi Mahi to brag about.  We went deep offshore early in the day and found a nice bird pile and lots of bait.  After working the area for a while with no luck, we decided to head back in closer.  Just outside the 500 fa line the long rigger was bit.  Although it was not the prize, it was a nice Mahi Mahi.  Russ, transferring his own rod to the chair had the fish landed in no time.  Did I mention it was caught on the “Lucky Linda Lure?”  We are ready to go after the prize Marlin now.