Family Fishing in Kona Hawaii At It’s Best!

Family Fishing At It’s Best! Our Cutest Little Angler Yet.  We love having families, especially children on board.  This family from Michigan marvels at the determination of their 8 yr old son as he brings in a nice size Ono. I know we mention this many times…but watching the thrill on a child’s face whent they are hooked up and when they land their fish is priceless.

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Lucky Lady Hooked Up and Lucky Linda Lure is Lost

Lucky Lady Hooked Up and Lucky Linda Lure is Lost!  This is true.  Katherine and Mark from Lincolnshire, IL boarded Fire Hatt for a day of snorkeling at Captain Cook Bay and an afternoon of fishing.  After trolling to Captain Cook and enjoying some snorkeling, which by the way had two Humpback Whales just yards from shore.  What a sight to see.  The two whales leisurely hung in the bay for hours.  Several kayakers and many boats got to  hover a safe distance and watch them.  Truly a remarkable sight.  Spinner Dolphin joined up later as we were leaving the cove.  Now with lines back in the water and lunches being eaten, we are headed out to the deep.  Not many boats out today and not many reports of fish except a few Mahi Mahi, it didn’t look too promising.  We were headed back to the harbor and had just started to put things away and start to bring in the lines when Linda saw a fish coming in straight for the “Lucky Linda” on the short rigger.  One strike, then another and the fish was on. A nice Pacific Blue Marlin!  Kathy was the designated angler and was in the chair in seconds after the hook up.  The Marlin came up jumping and running, we could clearly see it was a nice fish.  After about 15 minutes the line goes slack, the fish is off.  Ouch!  And the Lure is gone too.  Not to fear though, Bomboy (Bomboy Lures) made the lure for me and will have another one (or five) to me as soon as possible.  Kathy hooked up to a marlin a few years ago in the Bahamas and it came off after about an hour of fighting it.  Looks like third times a charm for this Lucky Lady Angler.

International Youth Angler Scores in Kona HI

International Youth Angler Scores in Kona HI while on a fishing trip with his Father.  From the Country of  Kazakhstan, the Father and Son duo spent two half days fishing in Kona aboard Fire Hatt.  Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country and the largest landlocked country in the world. It is equivalent to the size of Western Europe. This being said, they began their first day under a beautiful tropical sun with silky smooth water.  The conditions were perfect!  Immediately after leaving the harbor headed towards Kaiwi Point we were hooked up.  Two lines go down, two anglers headed for the screaming Shimano Reels and one busy crewman sorting out the mahem.  In the end both fish are landed.  A 17 lb Ono and a 24 lb Ono!  If you are wondering who got the big one, it was the proud son!  That was all the action for the first day.  With the anxious thought of what could have been, the two wanted a chance at a Marlin.  On Day two, we headed offshore.  With one bite early on the stinger, a quick zip and an estimated 200+ lb Blue Marlin was off.  This was the highlight of the day until the half day charter was winding down, we finally got another bite on the stinger line!  The fish came in, ran off a few seconds of line and was off!  A nice Striped Marlin had escaped this time. We look forward to having this team back in the future to take care of unfinished business. Landing a Marlin!

15 lb Ono for 7 Yr old Tommy

A 15 lb Ono for 7 Yr old Tommy.  Have you have ever witnessed the face of a child on a fishing rod fighting a fish of any size and anticipating what he is about to land? It is absolutely the most innocent display of sheer ecxitement you can imagine.  Tommy is that story.  On a half day family fishing trip with his Parents and Grandpa, we left the harbor and saw the Spinner Dolphin playing around the green buoy at the harbor entrance.  We headed south.  Having had no activity for hours, we were headed back to the harbor.  Not a good feeling when you have a child that wants to catch a fish.  After all, he was “Fishing”.   This was an extremly patient young man that spent most of the time on the bridge looking for birds, splashes and any sigh that might bring a strike. As the day was winding down, First Mate Adam Ludwig switched out the stinger lure to a Bomboy Bullett and with about 30 seconds left before he was to start bringing in the lines, the stinger is bit!  A Hail Mary Bite!  7 year old Tommy landed the 15 lb Ono and has a great story to tell.  ( And a meal to share.)  Happy New Year Tommy.