Local Lady Angler Lands Shortbill Spearfish

Local Lady Angler Lands Shortbill Spearfish.  Kay Kolt, a passionate angler that resides on the Big Island brought along several friends for a day of fishing.  Kay managed to land a nice 30 lb Shortbill Spearfish while being jolted awake from a short snooze.  It was late in the afternoon, sandwiches had been eaten and there had been a lull in activity since two small Big Eye tuna were caught earlier by Steve Landis.  Everyone had their turn at “Being Up” when the short rigger line went off.  We are Hooked Up!  Kay was out of the salon and in the chair fighting the fish as if she had been sitting there all along….She appeared out of knowhere!  With her expert knowledge of the local fishing techniques, she had the Shortbill Spearfish to the boat in minutes.  Crewman Adam Ludwig gaffed the prize and immediately was able to control the fish and let everyone get photos.   See that smile,  for Kay  it is the same one if she brings in a Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Spearfish or any species!  She is considered our good luck charm.  Having been out on the Fire Hatt several times and having fished many of the local tournaments with us, and other boats over the years,  she is very lucky, that Lady Luck thing…. Kay has fished all over the world and has several “Trophy” fish to be proud of.  Though this is not her largest spearfish, it was just as trilling!

Big Eye Tuna Family Style

Big Eye Tuna Family Style.  Cliff, Elise, Connor and Dalton are visiting the Big Island from Arizona.  A typical family with a not so typical fishing adventure!  Just after Adam gives 13 year old Conner the “chair talk”, we are just begining to enjoy the beautiful fruit and muffin platter that Linda prepares for each charter, when the bait rod goes screaming off, then the short rigger, then the stinger, then the long corner!  We refer to this event as Organized Chaos!   With Conner in the chair and (Mom) Elise assisting him, Dalton is fighting his fish on the short rigger rod with Dad (Cliff) fighting his on the long Corner.  The bait rod line has now been broken off….  Adam and Linda are clearing the rest of the rods and preparing the deck.  The first fish comes in, a very nice BIG EYE TUNA!  Then Dalton’s line goes slack…Shark Bite!  One Big Eye Tuna was sacrificed.  We then land the last fish, another nice Big Eye Tuna.  With our guests eyes wide and their smiles big, we secure the Tunas and put lines back in the water.  Before the Tuna bite, we had been in a nice bird pile with lots of bait.  Now there are about 15 boats on scene… the fish are pushed down and we notice no other boats are hooked up.  Linda spots the bird pile a few miles away and we light it up and head for it!  We are back in the zone and now two lines are screaming.  Elise is in the chair.  She is the true fisherman of the family and desperately wanted a shot at a fish.  Wellll, she got it!  One fish is lost to another shark and her’s is still on.  Elise lands her Big Eye Tuna and we are now concentrating on getting Dalton a fish.  Remember, his was sacrificed earlier to a shark.  As we continue to concentrate on the area, we spot a tailing Blue Marlin.  I turn the boat and put the lures right in front of him.  He goes for the stinger line.  While Adam is teasing him in,  the Marlin hits it and does not stick!  I call it a “swing and a miss“.  Now we are heading back in for the day and we are bit again, a Blue Marlin attacks the stinger line again and does not stick…aargh!  And so the story ends with five hook-ups, three boated Big Eye Tuna, two happy, well fed Sharks and two missed Blue Marlin.  Not bad for a day on the water.  Did I mention beautiful Blue Hawaii water?

Featured in the above photo is Captain Chuck Wilson, Conner, Elise, Dalton and Cliff.  Adam and Linda were busy….

First Striped Marlin for Illinois Friends

First Striped Marlin for Illinois Friends.  Johnny G, along with Mike and his dad Bill from Huntly, IL have a story to tell when they arrive back home!  While visiting the Big Island during a convention they were attending, the group decided to take time off for a Kona fishing adventure.  And an adventure it was! We waited almost all day for our first bite.  The two best friends awaited the first bite by spending time on the bridge, on the bow, in the salon and cockpit.  We checked out every single sign we saw from floating debris and birds to another boat that was hooked up.  Finally, while circling that boat a safe and respectful distance away, our long rigger went down!  A Bomboy “M16” lure has tempted the fish!  The fight is on.  Johnny is in the chair and remembering every single detail from the “chair talk” earlier today while he sucessfully lands the 80lb  Striped Marlin in just under fifteen minutes with no help from the crew!  Awesome Job!  Once the Striped Marlin was successfully tagged and the hooks easily removed, Johnny was able to assist in reviving the fish.  We explained the importance of releasing the billfish and the impact this makes on our fishery. By letting this one go, it insures more fish for them to catch later.  These two Seventh Grade friends will share this memory for a lifetime.  Hopefully, Mike’s Dad will bring him back soon to catch his first Marlin too.

Johnny featured in photo above assisting release of his Striped Marlin.  Best friend Mike along with his Dad featured in main photo.

New Family Record Mahi Mahi for Tucson Couple

New Family Record Mahi Mahi for Tucson Couple.  Steven and Catherine from Tucson, AZ  returned to the Big Island for another day of fishing in Kona Hawaii. Last year, Steven caught a Mahi Mahi and Catherine did not get a chance on the rod….well, things changed!  After an early morning triple strike of Striped Marlin and Shortbill Spearfish that eluded our razor sharp hooks and created ten minutes of  sheer excitement, I headed for the top corner of the grounds where I heard there had been a few fish caught.  Within about fifteen minutes of arriving to the area, the short rigger rod is bit, we are hooked up.  Catherine is in the chair and after a swift 10 minute fight, her 28 pound Mahi Mahi is in the boat!  Catherine has established the new family record…. Steve was quite proud of her.

Catherine featured in photo with Adam Ludwig and her 28lb Mahi Mahi March 2012