Sea Turtles Honokohau Harbor, Kona Hawaii

Sea Turtles Honokohau Harbor, Kona Hawaii. The turtles are waiting for the boats to come in every day looking for any discard of fish scraps.  It is always a treat for our guests to watch them.  The turtles are regulars to the harbor and we can actually recognize and identify each one.  The largest are about four feet across their back.  It is believed that they are herbivorous but actually they will eat any fish offered and fight over discarded fish carcasses.

Craig Smith Art featured on Fire Hatt Sportfishing Tee Shirts

Craig Smith Art featured on FireHatt Sportfishing Tee shirts. Tee shirts are now available.  Many colors and sizes from small to triple X in short and long sleeves.

Craig Smith is an artist who specialises in painting, filming and photographing marlin and game fish around the world. Depicting game fishing boats in action, giant black marlin off Cairns, blue marlin in Hawaii or striped marlin off Mexico, his paintings are dynamic and accurate portrayals of these exciting events and amazing marine creatures.

From the Florida Keys to the Great Barrier Reef, and New Zealand’s Bay of Islands to Kona’s pristine waters, Craig is actively involved in sport fishing and captures the essence of the moment in his artistic creations.

As well as marlin, other species such as sailfish, tuna, sharks, whales and dolphins are bought to life on the canvas under the magic of Craig’s hand.

Watch Cameron Bring In His First Mahi Mahi

Cameron along with his family from San Antonio, TX had a mission. Catch a fish! Last year Bob Collins brought his family to do some fishing in Kona, Hawaii and we had two days of terriffic fishing! His two daughters pulled on everything from rainbow runners to mahi mahi and Ono and even a shot at a marlin. Now he is back with his Grandson, Cameron hoping for a little action for him. Sure enough, we had some fun. The first day was a little slow with a small mahi mahi. Now on the second day things pick up. We had a few shots at an elusive Shortbill Spearfish that hit two lines and did not stick…Arrgh! Then as we headed offshore, this nice mahi mahi strikes. We are hooked up! Cameron lands the fish effortlessly. Fun Family Fishing! Cameron will be attending college in the fall on Oahu, I think the Islands agree with him.

Hail Mary Ono

Hail Mary Ono.  Troy Lee and his wife Robyn while fishing in Kona, Hawaii aboard the Fire Hatt was on his second day of fishing with us and it wasn’t looking too promising for him.  Today, along with friends Kyla and Chris Breikss and Frank Hess, we headed down Ono lane to try for a food fish for our guests to take home.  After fishing down to Captain Cook and putting everyone in the bay for a warm water snorkel, we headed for deeper water in search of something big or maybe small tunas at “F Buoy”.  In come the Ono Lures and we gear up with something that would attract any Marlin, Spearfish or Mahi.  Now, in at least 1200fa offshore, the light tackle line is bit!  Kyla is in the belt and fighting her FIRST FISH EVER!  I only wish everyone could witness the sheer joy on her face and the dedicated look of pride from her husband as Kyla landed an Ono!  Offshore, not in Ono Lane!  Now we have lines back in the water and are headed up a nice current line that looks promising for maybe a Spearfish or at least a Mahi Mahi.  Nothing!  Arrrgh.  Troy Lee is on edge, Robyn has her fingers crossed, she is praying and forever hopefull that a fish will come for Troy.  This is their 25th wedding aniversary and a fish would be the perfect present for them.  We are headed back to the harbor and have begun to clear lines.  Troy is eating a sandwich in the salon and the light tackle rod goes off again!  We are almost to the harbor entrance and only one line is in the water!  Troy is out of the salon, on the rod and lands his Ono!  The Hail Mary Ono!  This day goes on record as one of the many truly satisfying days on the water I will remember fondly….

In the photo, guess which smile got their first fish ever and the one that got his anivarsary fish…

Coastal Angler Magazine May Issue

Coastal Angler Magazine May Issue


For the past year I have had the privelege to write for Coastal Angler Magazine with circulation over 480,000 Copies Per Month as the Kona, Hawaii voice.  As the articles have a month by month forecast of fish to come and chronicle the fishing adventures we have each month. This publication is free and is available on line too.