Big Island Big Moon Big Fish

548 lb Blue Marlin October 2013

Randy and Donna Macleod and Kathy and Gilbert Kee with their 548 pound Blue Marlin in Kona, Hawaii

Big Island Big Moon Big Fish It seems that a big full moon motivates the bigger Marlin to get hungry and attack.  Yesterday, Randy Mcleod along with longtime friend Gilbert Kee boarded FIRE HATT with high hopes of catching a Blue Marlin.  On a three quarter day trip I headed south on a tip that there was some action in the area of “Red Hill” the day before.  It had been reported that one Marlin was hooked and lost and another big Marlin broke off.   With that info to go on, we patroled the area and waited for our turn.  At just after 11:00 am we had a beauty come up in the pattern and bat at the short rigger line.  Crewman Ryan Thurner teased the fish in on a Moldcraft Softhead lure and the fight was on!  We are hooked up!  After a 45 minute battle, Randy landed a 548 pound Blue Marlin.  That was not our intention though.  We highly recommend releasing Marlin that size as they are potentially the best breed stock.  This big one stayed deep almost the entire fight.  Once we removed the hook we pulled her for 15 to 20 minutes trying to get her to “Kick” her tail and be able to swim.  She did not recover so we had to boat her.

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