Holy Cow! Big Tuna!

Holy Cow! This was the term used by Monte Priest after landing this big cow tuna! Our Son Monte and his family are visiting us from Killeen, Texas.  Monte is a 20 year Firefighter/Paramedic in the Central Texas area.  Along with his wife Nicole and Son Miles they have been to the Big Island several times and spent many hours aboard Fire Hatt trying for the trophy Marlin….or anything.  In all his years of fishing in Kona Hawaii and in Southern California we had not been able to get him his Marlin.  Until today!  With Captain Chuck Wilson at the helm, we left Honokohau Harbor at about 6:30 AM and around seven o’clock we had a grand explosion on the short rigger….we are Hooked Up!  Monte fought the Ahi for about 18 minutes and had the beauty in the box!  We had just finished putting the lines back out and were still hosing the blood off the deck when the short corner line started screaming. We are Hooked Up again!  Monte was back in the chair, still worn out from fighting the first fish.  Captain Joe Shumaker leadered the Blue Marlin after another impressive short fight.  Monte was out of the chair and Tagged his first Marlin.  Captain Chuck commented “When you want a fish so badly for someone, that is the hardest fish to catch.”  Congratulations Monte! #FireHattSportfishing #BestCharterFishingInKonaHawaii #MarlinFishingInKonaHawaii #AFTCOProTeam

Fire Hatt is a proud member of the AFTCO  Pro Fishing Team.  You can go to AFTCO.com and AFTCO Logo 2read their amazing story.


Hawaiian Style Fishing at its Finest!

Hawaiian style fishing at its finest!  The 30th Firecracker Open Big Game Tournament kicked off the 2017 Tournament Season.  It was an intense two days of Tournament Fishing aboard Fire Hatt!  There were many hook ups both days and three boated Blue Marlin.

Jody Bright, the tournament director”s comment today: “Krista O” with Capt. Mike O’Shiro, Darren Hayashi and David Magallanes have won the 30th Firecracker Open Big Game Fishing Tournament – in a 17 foot boat – with a 533 pound blue marlin. It’s “OFFICIAL”.

Some of the finest, funniest, local characters competing against some of the biggest names and war wagons in the game. In true Kona Style, we all celebrate your win – a hui hou!

Fire Hatt had a Spearfish release on day one by Charles DiBona, and a Blue Marlin release estimated at 175 pounds in just under 15 minutes on day two by Jeff Curry. We had two other awesome marlin strikes that did not stick.  Last year during this tournament, Charles DiBona tagged and released his first Marlin, this year, Jeff Curry tagged and released his first Marlin.   Our crew, Captains Chuck Wilson, Joe Schumaker and Jack Leverone are awesome! Chuck and I are looking forward to the next event.  Check out the Kona Tournament Schedule here at konatournaments.com

#FireHattSportfishing #CharterFishingInKonaHawaii #HawaiianStyle

Fire Hatt is a proud member of the AFTCO  Pro Fishing Team.  You can go to AFTCO.com and AFTCO Logo 2read their amazing story.