Another Great Day of Marlin Fishing in Kona Hawaii for Jacob Kleiss

While vacationing in Kona this week, Jacob Kleiss along with his parents James and Rhonda and sisters, Sarah and Jenna boarded the Fire Hatt for a morning of snorkeling at Captain Cook followed by a little fishing.  Both turned out to be a great success.  We fished our way down to the bay with no luck.  Once out of the water and on our way back up the coast, we were bit just outside of “VV” Buoy.  There were earlier reports of blind strike Ahi at the buoy so we decided to try our luck there.  While we did not get the Ahi we targeted, I think Jacob was delighted with his first billfish, a 80 lb Striped Marlin.  Jacob is a Junior at Ronald Regan High School in San Antonio, Texas and will have a great story to tell about Marlin Fishing In Kona Hawaii.