Another Lucky Frank

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother Lucky Frank, also known as Frankie Lopez has just fought and released his very first Marlin.  A nice 200+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin.  Not bad for an eleven year old!  Frank Lopez brought his family to Kona for a Family Fishing Vacation from Fallbrook, CA where Frank and Frankie spent three days fishing with us aboard Fire Hatt.  On the first two days we did not get a fish,  We had some missed shots where the fish did not stick and we saw Tuna that would not go.  Having to face the fact that we did not get Frankie his first Marlin was not a happy moment for me and the crew on Fire Hatt.  About midway through the second day still not having a bite, I received a call from the guest that would be fishing with us the following day stating he had to cancel his trip and hoped it would not be a problem.  Frank heard this and jumped at the opportunity to give it another try and booked a third day to try to capture the elusive Marlin for Frankie.  DAY THREE, we are all anxious about the day and want a fish real bad.  As we head out,  Brett and Linda select today’s arsenal.  We have a bright sunny sky and fairly calm water.  We head out and south.  It is early afternoon and we do not have a bite….arrgh!  As the afternoon clouds start to build and the water gets a little huffled, Brett and Linda change out the lures for larger dark ones.  We are headed back up the line and just about the time we are second guessing our lure pattern, wham…we are Hooked Up!  The fish took the lightest line in the pattern, on 80lb test Frankie worked on landing his Pacific Blue Marlin for about 35 minutes.  He was awesome!  As the fish ran, jumped, charged the boat and sulked it never shook Frankie.  He was determined to land this one. Once the fish was released, you should have seen the the proud Dad beaming over his son that I think now holds the family record for the largest Blue Marlin in the family.  Frank Lopez is no stranger to Marlin fishing.  Having fished the waters of Southern California and Mexico he has several Billfish species under his belt including a Swordfish.  Frank does not have the flag yet for a Shortbill Spearfish which are commonly caught in the Kona waters.  I’m thinking he will be back to tag one of those soon.

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