Another Perfect Day of Fishing in Kona Hawaii

Another Perfect Day Fishing in Kona Hawaii.  Pete Balon along with his wife Kelly Ann and cousin Derek Balon and Erica Capone boarded the Fire Hatt for a Birthday outing for Kelly.  Their hopes were to catch something for dinner and to release anything else.  Well, lets say I don’t know what they are having for dinner, but a couple of hours into the trip the stinger line is bit.  Pete is in the chair and fighting a nice Pacific Blue Marlin.  After about a 30 minute fight we had the fish to leader.  Pete is out of the chair and watches as we revive and release the beauty.  His fish was estimated to be around 180 lbs.  Guess which lure was bit?  The Lucky Linda Lure again.  Not sure what I am going to do if that lure “cools off”.  Happy Birthday Kelly, hope you have some great memories to take home with you.