Awesome Spring Break for Corbin Kinder

DSCN0136Awesome Spring Break for Corbin Kinder and his Dad, David from Houston, Texas.  I start the story with Corbin and his Dad because it was an all Corbin day.  As we headed straight out of the harbor to the 1000 fathom line things got busy right away.  Just after the chair talk, the short rigger line came down screaming off line.  We are Hooked Up!  Corbin gets into the chair and the fight begins.  Corbin brings in what turns out to be his first fish of the day.  A nice 45 pound Shortbill Spearfish!  While the deck is being cleared and lines go back out, we are still taking photos of the Spearfish when another line comes down.  Hooked Up again!  This time it’s a nice blue bullet on the stinger and line  is screaming off as Corbin is back in the chair fighting what turns out to be an impressive 30+ pound Mahi Mahi!  The stamina this young angler has is phenomenal.  An hour goes by and things have settled down.  The crew today,  Captain Joe Schumaker and First Mate Brett Lazenby are feeling quite proud of the activity so far when they get another strike, the stinger is bit again.  Assuming that his Dad, David would bring this fish in was so wrong!  Corbin jumped in and brought the fish to the boat, another Shortbill Spearfish!  These are the days you dream of especially when you have young ones with you.  We love having children on board and try our best to get something for them to pull on.  This day will not be forgotten by Corbin and his Dad any time soon.

Corbin has enjoyed fishing since he was 4 years old.  Each year his Dad tries to take him to a different spot to fish.  From offshore trips in Louisiana and Texas to the Caribbean and Central America he has caught Red Fish, Flounder, Barracuda and others.  His Mahi Mahi he caught in Kona Hawaii aboard Fire Hatt was the biggest he has ever caught.  He also enjoys fresh water bass fishing on our farm.   Corbin has great patience in fishing and gets the “fishing bug” from his grandfather and great grandfather. 

We hope to see you guys again.

Featured in the top photo is First Mate Brett Lazenby with David and Corbin Kinder

Featured in the lower photo is David and Corbin Kinder from Houston, Texas

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