Captain’s Bomboy Llanes and Lloyd Potter Don’t Disappoint

Captain’s Bomboy Llanes and Lloyd Potter Don’t Disappoint Linda and I as we were off Island for three weeks in February.  Along with our Crewman Adam Ludwig the Captain’s stepped in and graciously took many of our guests out.  We had constant contact several times a day from the crew filling us in on what we were missing.  Their first day out rewarded them with a Blue Marlin about 200 lbs and each day was followed by lots of activity.   It was bittersweet getting the information.  I was on the mainland teaching classes to Fire Fighters in Northern CA, Southern CA and Arizona.  Linda met up with me and spent some time in Redondo Beach and then headed to Texas to spend time with family.  The Crew consistantly entertained our guests and provided excellent service.  All you boat owners out there can only imagine the feeling of walking away from a boat you love and leaving it in the hands of someone else.  I have to say that my experience was without a doubt as satisfying as I could have hoped for.  Thank You Guys!  I can’t forget to mention Chet Chiara behind the scenes.  Chet made sure the crew had plenty of ice every day and provided them with fresh fruit and muffins daily.  Chet lives in Anchorage Alaska and was crew when we brought in the unbelievable 978.5 lb Pacific Blue Marlin last March.  We were able to enjoy our time off Island knowing our business was in good hands.

Adam Ludwig and Captain Bomboy Llanes (Bomboy Lures) featured in photo.


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