Fire Hatt Renewed!

Fire Hatt Renewed!  Our beautiful Hatteras, FIRE HATT is hauled undergoing massive maintenance and refreshing.  Linda and I hauled on Monday and will splash again on Friday.  The Shimano Rods and Reels are at Grander Tackle being serviced and having all new 130lb Amilon line replaced fresh for the season.  All the “battle scars” from fighting fish, the climate and just wear and tear are being addressed.  Inside, seven pumps have been replaced in various systems…..yes, seven pumps.  It was time! A new instant hot water heater was installed and all the cushions are being replaced.   Right down to replacing the anchor with the new Manson Supreme stainless steel all bottom holding style.  The wonderful craftsmen at the Honokohau Yard are using their talents grinding, painting and polishing to give us back the luster we are known for.  A big thank you to our crewman, Adam for supervising the project.  I heard him mention he couldn’t wait to get back to fishing instead of fixing… While we are out of service this week, we have referred charter inquiries to another boat and captain that we love (he also owns a Hatteras) that will give the guests a fabulous fishing experience.