First Billfish for Tommy Wells While Fishing in Kona Hawaii

While Fishing in Kona Hawaii this week, Clayton “Tommy” Wells boarded the Fire Hatt on a 3/4 day afternoon charter in hopes of  catching a prize Blue Marlin.  After am hour into the trip, the short corner is bit.  A Shortbill Spearfish.  Tommy gets to the chair and after a short 5 minute fight, we landed his catch.  An avid Cutting Horse Owner and Competitor from Houston Texas, Tommy used his calm demeanor and precise maneuvers to calmly bring the fish to the boat. What a delightful afternoon.  Tommy and his Wife will try tomorrow for their ultimate prize…a Pacific Blue Marlin.  The Marlin are showing in numbers now just in time for the Kona Kickoff Tournament this weekend.  We will be fishing the tournament and hopefully will have a great success story to share with you.