Four Blue Marlin Bites and a Shortbill Spearfish

Four Blue Marlin Bites and a Shortbill Spearfish for Waunakee WI Family.  Mike, Kate, Parker, Brandt and Evan Dietry boarded the Fire Hatt expecting a fishing adventure. They got one!  An idyllic day with plenty of sunshine and calm blue water, what fishing in Kona Hawaii is known for. We headed north out of the harbor to an area known as the grounds where we had a fish the day before and another strike. There was still plenty of bait and birds in the area, the conditions were perfect.  We patrolled the area for a short time before our first strike.  It was a marlin that did not stick. This was enough to get the excitement going. With three more blue marlin bites that did not stick, Mike ended up with a prize 44 pound Shortbill Spearfish at the end of the day. Considered one of the best tasting fish in Hawaii, they are only found in the Central Pacific Ocean. Four Blue Marlin Bites and a Shortbill Spearfish along with great memories made for a terrific trip and a new family record.

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