3 Day Kona Marlin Fishing Adventure

Peter Baio and his wife Patty boarded Fire Hatt on day one for the start of a three day Kona marlin fishing adventure. Targeting a big blue marlin, we set out. This was a beautiful flat day on the water. We encountered pilot whales, porpoise, birds and lots of flying fish but no marlin! However, the porpoise show today was the best I have seen to date. The water was crystal clear as you can see in the photo above. If you can’t swim with the Porpoise, cruising with them is the next best thing.

After the second day into his Kona marlin fishing adventure we are still on the water and no marlin bites, we are getting frustrated. A few marlin have been reported caught or released, so we feel that there is still hope for us, but by the end of the day, there were no fish for Peter.

On day three, after announcing to Peter we released a marlin the day before, we have renewed faith that today is his day. Clad in his lucky yellow shirt and Denver Nuggets cap, we head out. We are bit! A double, lines screaming, Peter grabs a rod and gets  into the chair. One fish comes undone and the other is a nice shortbill spearfish. Not the marlin we hoped for, but a prize anyway. Lines out again and now we have a marlin up in the pattern. He strikes the short rigger, takes a little line and is gone. We circled back to try to coax the fish in and we hook a nice skipjack instead.  (This explains why the marlin was there.)  To no avail, we head back out for the hunt.  Another marlin swims into the pattern slashing at the long corner bait, again does not take it? Who is teasing who? At the end of the day, Peter does have a nice spearfish and plans to return for another shot at a big blue marlin.

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