Old Friends Unite and Celebrate a Three Marlin Day


Old Friends Unite and Celebrate a Three Marlin Day aboard the Fire Hatt this week.  Pete Hooper, a United Airlines Pilot and longtime  friend Jim Elliott joined Linda and I along with old friend and past Crew Mate Adam Ludwig for a half day on the water.  Pete and Jim really wanted Ono.  We left the harbour and headed out for Ono Lane.  After an hour into the trip, no Ono.  We pulled out the Marlin lures and headed north.  Just minutes after the lures are swimming we are bit.  Pete fought the first Pacific Blue Marlin for 35 minutes and Jim successfully tagged the 190+ pound Marlin before Adam released it.  With lures back in the water, we are bit again.  Jim fought the second fish in an amazing 20 minutes.  Pete tagged this 170+ pound Marlin before Adam successfully released it.  While the two friends are congratulating each other and marveling that in all the years they have been fishing in Kona Hawaii, they never had a day like today, then we are bit again!  Pete jumps in the chair and the fight is on.  This one gives Pete a run for his money.  It jumps and charges for most of the fight.  Finally after a 45 minute battle, this fish is also released.  The score for today is three Pacific Blue Marlin releases in just over two hours.  I do believe in Karma.  Two friends uniting to fish and an old Crew Mate reuniting with us made for a special day on the water.

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