Fire Hatt joins AFTCO Pro Team

Fire Hatt joins AFTCO Pro Team.  We are so very proud to accept the invitation from AFTCO to become one of their Pro Teams.  As a long supporter of AFTCO and their products, we are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship while representing this organization here in Kona Hawaii. 

No fishing tackle or clothing company has done more for the ocean and its creatures than AFTCO and the Shedd family.

Some of their ocean involvement includes:

• The co-founding of SeaWorld
• The founding of the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute
• Several million in cash contributions
• More than 10,000 hours of donated time to conservation issues by AFTCO’s president
• Playing a major role in the elimination of gillnets and longlines.

AFTCO stands for the American Fishing Tackle Company and was established in 1958 in Newport Beach, California by J.C. Axelson, a pioneer in big game tackle development.  In 1973, Milt Shedd (a legendary innovator, himself) and wife Peggie purchased AFTCO, and a new company evolved with a concern for both the fishing customer and marine resources. In 1974, son Bill Shedd joined the company, and in 1989 he started the AFTCO Clothing Division, with the introduction of what became the world’s finest fishing shorts. In 1999, AFTCO began a relationship with Guy Harvey by manufacturing and distributing “all over print” shirts incorporating Guy’s art. Then, in 2004, Guy officially partnered with AFTCO for the manufacture and distribution of all Guy Harvey sportswear, including the immensely popular Guy Harvey T-Shirts. In 2007, AFTCO partnered with world famous wildlife artist, Al Agnew, to produce and distribute a line of clothing for the fresh water angler and those who appreciate inland game and wildlife.

You can go to and read the rest of their amazing story.