What goes into “catch reports” from fishing in Kona?

There are many factors that can affect the report of fish caught in the Kona, Hawaii area. Most of the catch reports are from charter boats and commercial fishing boats. Some reports are made to the charter desk at Honokohau Harbor while others are made directly to the state. The fishing industry in Hawaii is working towards better pelagic stuardship and preservation/retention of our great fishing resources.

Most charter captains in our area are of the mind of maintaining resources, especially by releasing Blue Marlin when caught. On those occasions where the fish are retained, all the meat is utilized by the local community, and not wasted.

Things that can affect your ability to catch pelagic and bottom fish while fishing in Kona:

  • Natural Affects (mother nature)
  • Tides
  • Water Temp
  • Weather
  • Month
  • Additional Affects (father time)
  • Tournaments – more boats focused on specific species and more accurate reporting of fish caught
  • Holidays – more boats fishing
  • Catches Reported – not all captains report all their catch. They catch so many, they may feel it’s redundant.
  • Floaters – yes logs and other debrie are great fish attractors. If you’re lucky enough to find a floater with your charter boat you can catch a boat load!

On your charter boat with Fire Hatt Sportfishing you can catch any of the pelagic and bottom fish on any given day of the year in Kona. With the above expectations being set, here are the best months “reported” for fishing in Hawaii:

Note: We don’t have great information on Sharks and some of the other prolific species, so they are not included, but they are here year round.