If you are interested in fishing any of the Marlin Tournaments in 2021, we have some dates available.  We are Currently opened for The Lazy Marlin Hunt, The Hawaii Lure Makers Challenge, The Big Island Marlin Tournament and It’s a Wap Tournament.  We have seen some big fish at the scales and the big Ahi are starting to arrive.

The 2021 summer schedule will be:

Lazy Marlin Hunt Returns (April 9-11, 2021)

Kona Kick Off (June 26-27, 2021)

Firecracker Open (July 3 & July 4, 2021)

Blue Marlin World Cup Tournament (July 4, 2021 in your time zone)

Kona Throwdown (July 6-8, 2021)

Skins Marlin Derby (July 9-11, 2021)

The Hawaii Lure Makers Challenge (July 16-18, 2021)

Big Island Marlin Tournament (August 13-15, 2021)

It’s a Wrap Tournament (September 10-12, 2021)

Traveling to Hawaii:

The State of Hawaii is working on a Covid Vaccination
digital passport that will allow folks who have been fully vaccinated to enter
Hawaii just like the “good old days.”

Read the latest by clicking this link: https://www.hawaii-guide.com/hawaii-covid-vaccine


Captain Chuck Wilson  808-987-0038

firehatt@gmail.com  firehattsportfishing.com

Rules, regulations and Tournament information is available
through Konatournaments,


Fire Hatt is a proud member of the AFTCO  Pro Fishing Team.  You can go to AFTCO.com and AFTCO Logo 2read their amazing story.