On the Fly

Hawaii Jan.2014 027 1On The Fly.  This is a review we received from a group we took out on January 31, 2014  We are always humbled and appreciate the wonderful notes we get from our Charter Guests fishing in Kona Hawaii.

“We took Fire Hatt out on a full day charter Jan 31. It was a Trip I bought that Chuck had donated to the IGFA auction.Three of us headed out Todd, Tom & Jack (Tom’s 81 yr old dad). All of us had a great day on the water. Fire Hatt is an excellent operation. The boat and equip is top notch & very well maintained. Chuck is very personable and knows what he is doing. He was able to get me hooked up to a tuna fairly early. A pod of porpoise took it though.I was on a fly rod and just couldn’t wind fast enough. We saw 3 kinds of whales & the beauty of a Volcano topped in snow from quite calm seas. First mate’s can make or break a day. Brett and Rob are some of the best. They took care of everyone. Both are entertaining and genuinely excited to get you on a fish. The Crew used all their resources and found a current line. This led to finding a Log that held a small school of Mahi Mahi. We got 3 in amazing colors off of this log. Another Mahi Mahi hit on the troll closer to the harbor. It was a great day on the water. I would recommend Fire Hatt to everyone.”

Thank You Todd, Tom and Jack

Featured in the above photo is 81 year old Tom

Fire Hatt is a member of the AFTCO Pro Fishing Team

First Spearfish for Ken Shaw from Edmonton Alberta

DSCN4694First Spearfish for Ken Shaw from Edmonton Alberta.  Ken Shaw from Edmonton Alberta along with close friend Steve Dahl and their families enjoyed a day fishing the silky calm waters of Kona Hawaii with myself and crewman Brett Lasenby.  We were on a half day afternoon charter and did not waste any time getting lines in the water as we are leaving the harbor mouth.  These guys want a fish!  Their wishes were answered with this impressive 35+ pound Shortbill Spearfish.  FYI,  Short-billed spearfish are a pelagic tropical species found offshore or near volcanic islands surrounded by deep water along current lines, drop-offs and ledges. Hawaii offers unquestionably the best shot at productive short-bill spearfishing because of the combination of underwater structures and cold currents. Hawaii consistently produces more short-nosed spearfish than any other known area, with them returning to Hawaii’s waters each spring to spawn. The best months for a shot at this species are February through June. Fire Hatt is a member of the AFTCO Pro Fishing Team