ahi tuna fishing in Kona

Gary Bowersox with Ahi Tuna in Kona

New Years Day 2020 brought Gary Bowersox and his wife, Kay fishing aboard Fire Hatt, honors for the first ahi of the season. Within a minute after “lines in” for the Tournament, we were hit with a double hookup. Gary was in the chair and brought in the season’s first ahi weighing in at 67.5 pounds. It is Gary’s largest ahi. Linda Wilson brought in the second ahi weighing in at 72.5 pounds for 3rd place.

Gary W. Bowersox, “The Gem Hunter” is an internationally recognized lecturer, explorer, author, gemologist, veteran, corporate president and entrepreneur who has a personal history of over forty years spent searching for precious gems in the mountains and valleys of rugged Afghanistan and Central Asia. During his many adventures of exploration, danger, and intrigue Gary has traded gems and stories with Afghan miners, ethnic peoples, freedom fighters, warlords, government officials, scientists and on few occasions, international spies. His account is the true story of a life spent hunting beautiful people and emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarines and lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.

Gary has written two books “The Gem Hunter –True Adventures of an American in Afghanistan” and “Gemstones in Afghanistan.” In addition, he is the main character in the documentary film “The Gem Hunter in Afghanistan” and has published several articles.