A Shining Star on Fire Hatt

A Shining Star on Fire Hatt.  Meet Harrison, this was Harrison’s first fishing trip…ever!  Harrison’s Dad, Myles told me when he boarded Fire Hatt that morning “I just want Harrison to catch something.”  No pressure here.  I often tell our guests the toughest person to please are 5 to 14 year old boys.  Their parents tell them they are going fishing so they expect to catch a fish.  When it happens, it is the most thrilling event to watch unfold, remember your first fish?  This fish was caught on the grounds, just off the “pens”.   Harrison’s Barracuda weighed about 12 pounds.  After the photos were taken, the fish was released back into the beautiful Pacific Blue Ocean.  With a little help from his dad, he landed the fish in just a few minutes.  He has a great story to tell his friends back home about his family fishing adventure in Kona Hawaii.

These fish sometimes referred to as the “silver bullet” of the sea, the great barracuda deserves its reputation as a fierce predator. Long, lean and mean, it can strike without warning, reportedly at speeds approaching 40 feet per second. Also known by its Hawaiian name of Kaku, this largest of the barracudas in Hawaiian waters can weigh up to a maximum of 100 pounds and reach six feet in length. However, barracuda of such size are uncommon. If one that size were caught here, the incident probably would make news. You can learn more about the Great Baracudda by visiting this useful site:


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