New Family Record Mahi Mahi for Tucson Couple

New Family Record Mahi Mahi for Tucson Couple.  Steven and Catherine from Tucson, AZ  returned to the Big Island for another day of fishing in Kona Hawaii. Last year, Steven caught a Mahi Mahi and Catherine did not get a chance on the rod….well, things changed!  After an early morning triple strike of Striped Marlin and Shortbill Spearfish that eluded our razor sharp hooks and created ten minutes of  sheer excitement, I headed for the top corner of the grounds where I heard there had been a few fish caught.  Within about fifteen minutes of arriving to the area, the short rigger rod is bit, we are hooked up.  Catherine is in the chair and after a swift 10 minute fight, her 28 pound Mahi Mahi is in the boat!  Catherine has established the new family record…. Steve was quite proud of her.

Catherine featured in photo with Adam Ludwig and her 28lb Mahi Mahi March 2012

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