Craig Smith Art featured on Fire Hatt Sportfishing Tee Shirts

Craig Smith Art featured on FireHatt Sportfishing Tee shirts. Tee shirts are now available.  Many colors and sizes from small to triple X in short and long sleeves.

Craig Smith is an artist who specialises in painting, filming and photographing marlin and game fish around the world. Depicting game fishing boats in action, giant black marlin off Cairns, blue marlin in Hawaii or striped marlin off Mexico, his paintings are dynamic and accurate portrayals of these exciting events and amazing marine creatures.

From the Florida Keys to the Great Barrier Reef, and New Zealand’s Bay of Islands to Kona’s pristine waters, Craig is actively involved in sport fishing and captures the essence of the moment in his artistic creations.

As well as marlin, other species such as sailfish, tuna, sharks, whales and dolphins are bought to life on the canvas under the magic of Craig’s hand.

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    • linda
      linda says:

      Aloha Randy,

      Great to hear from you, we have white, pink, blue, yellow and off white in short sleeve sizes SM to XXXL.  All the colors and sizes above in long sleeve except off white.  

      SM, MD, LG, XL  Short Sleeve are $20.00  XXL and XXXL are $23.00 plus shipping, 
      no tax

      SM, MD, LG, XL  Long Sleeve are $25.00  XXL and XXXL are $28.00 plus shipping, 
      no tax
      I will send a photo of the shirt.



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