International Youth Angler Scores in Kona HI

International Youth Angler Scores in Kona HI while on a fishing trip with his Father.  From the Country of  Kazakhstan, the Father and Son duo spent two half days fishing in Kona aboard Fire Hatt.  Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country and the largest landlocked country in the world. It is equivalent to the size of Western Europe. This being said, they began their first day under a beautiful tropical sun with silky smooth water.  The conditions were perfect!  Immediately after leaving the harbor headed towards Kaiwi Point we were hooked up.  Two lines go down, two anglers headed for the screaming Shimano Reels and one busy crewman sorting out the mahem.  In the end both fish are landed.  A 17 lb Ono and a 24 lb Ono!  If you are wondering who got the big one, it was the proud son!  That was all the action for the first day.  With the anxious thought of what could have been, the two wanted a chance at a Marlin.  On Day two, we headed offshore.  With one bite early on the stinger, a quick zip and an estimated 200+ lb Blue Marlin was off.  This was the highlight of the day until the half day charter was winding down, we finally got another bite on the stinger line!  The fish came in, ran off a few seconds of line and was off!  A nice Striped Marlin had escaped this time. We look forward to having this team back in the future to take care of unfinished business. Landing a Marlin!

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