Lucky Linda Lure is Back!

Today we had the Sorenson’s,  a “Ready to Fish” family from Arizona aboard Fire Hatt full of energy and true Team Spirit, right down to the neon yellow team shirts they were sporting!  They self labeled themselves as the “Highlighters”.  Today it was all about Mom (Amy) getting a fish.  Sooo, Linda had Mom in the chair with the rest of the family closely listening while she went through the run down.  We are ready!  Now all we have to do is wait for the fish.  There had been a couple of Blue Marlin releases today and reports of Ahi and Spearfish too.  Nothing for us by lunchtime…..ouch.  There had been a lot of bait at “F” and “C” buoys the last few days so our plan was to check them out first.  As we approached each buoy and talked to a few of the other Captains, it was apparent that the Steno Dolphin were around both buoys today so we kept moving.  It is impossible to land a fish with these Rough Toothed thieves around.  We changed out lures a couple of times hoping to put something out that would interest a fish.  Finally, Amy ask which line had the Lucky Linda Lure on it?  Well, it wasn’t out.  It had not been bit in a couple of weeks and was not in the lineup.  So with the suggestion from Amy that we run it, it was put into the pattern on the long corner where it likes to run.  The family had gone to the bow of the boat to take a few photos and hang out for a while when the fish hit!   You can probably guess the rest of the story.  The Lucky Linda is bit!  We are Hooked Up!  Everyone is trying to get to the cockpit as line is screaming off.  With the bite almost into the backing, Mom suggests that Stephen aka Dad get in the chair.  Stephen fights the fish effortlessly and brings in the family’s prized Shortbill Spearfish!  The Lucky Linda Lure is Back!  Now we still have to satisfy the need for Amy to get her fish, I think they will be back to fish again in Kona Hawaii.

Featured in the photo above is the Sorenson Family proudly displaying their team colors and the Spearfish Flag.

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