Mahi Mahi Fishing in Kona Hawaii

Mahi Mahi Fishing in Kona Hawaii is every bit as exciting as hooking into a Spearfish or Marlin especially if it is a big one! This one was!  For Roy Small of Lancaster, PA  this Mahi Mahi was one of the largest fish he had ever caught.   A short while later we had a Blue Marlin strike that did not stick.  Then about an hour later, another Marlin strike, again  it did not stick.  We intend to release them anyway, but it is still fun to walk them around first.  Today, Mahi Mahi fishing in Kona Hawaii proves to be luckier than Marlin Fishing In Kona.  We start fishing the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament this week and knowing where these Marlin are gives us a starting place for the tournament.