Fire Hatt on National Geographic TV Today

Fire Hatt on National Geographic TVWe assisted National Geographic with a TV show in March of this year. The episode isn NOT about marling fishing but is about putting a submersible robot submarine down a few thousand feet into the ocean outside Kona. The episode is titled “DIY Robo-Sub” and is part of the National Geographic TV series called “How Hard Can it Be?”

It will be shown multiple times on Wednesday October 5th (today) at 8pm and 11pm Eastern Time, at 8pm PST, or and 2PM or 5pm (we think)here in Hawaii. Check your channel listings for “DIY Robo-Sub” or  “How Hard Can it Be?” on the National Geographic TV Channel in your area.

We will try and get a copy posted to the website as soon as possible.


Captain Chuck Wilson

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