Summer Fun for Families and Kids Aboard Fire Hatt

Summer Kids 2013Summer Fun for Families and Kids Aboard Fire Hatt.  I just can’t stress enough over the years how satisfying it is to see the face of a child fighting his or her first fish, biggest fish ever or seeing Porpoise and Whales for the first time in their lives!  We are witness to so many families experiencing what we may take for granted having done this for so many years.  When you see a proud Mom and Dad so delighted that their child has just landed their catch it brings what I do into perspective.  When you tell a child that “we are going fishing in Kona Hawaii”, they expect to catch a fish!  If this does not happen, the educating of the young ones (and old ones) begins.  I always tell the guests that I wish I could make the fish bite.  We want to catch a fish as bad as you do!  I tell our guests, sometimes the fish win.  We always encourage the child to keep trying, and tell them someday they will catch the fish of a lifetime, you just have to keep the faith.  I wanted to share the faces of the Kids so far this summer and just see the excitement and the anticipation in their eyes.

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