Second Grander for Bomboy Llanes in Kona Hawaii

Bomboy Llanes Grander November 2014Capt. Bomboy Llanes on Lana Kila weighed a 1,041 lbs. Blue Marlin. This is Capt. Llanes 2nd Grander in Kona. The fish took over 8-Hours to get to the boat.

Bomboy Llanes, a native of Kona Hawaii and a world-renowned fisherman and fishing lure maker. Bomboy has over 37 years of experience in hawaiian waters,and sports a reputation of winning over 36 tournaments,including Worlds Largest blue marlin ever caught in a tournament at the weight of 1258.5 pounds. over the years Bomboy has been featured in numerous top magazine and 3 tv shows. Owner of the legendary “Bomboy Lures” he is sponsored by numerous tackle companies around the world.

Nice going Bomboy!

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Fire Hatt is a member of the AFTCO Pro Fishing Team.  You can go to and read their amazing story.

Fishing floaters in Hawaii

DSCN6355Fishing “floaters” in Hawaii is our version of fishing the prized kelp paddy in Southern CA.  This time of year there are still some Pacific Blue Marlin around.  There are still some Ono too.  But honestly, if we can spot a floater this time of year, stand back because we will be in for a great episode of catching.  Heading offshore with a watchful eye, and really good binoculars, we encourage our guests to report anything that is NOT water.  We are looking for birds, trash and current lines.  Our guests really get into it.  This floater pictured to the left consisting of old nets and line was spotted about 10 miles offshore and proved to be loaded.  Our guests spent a couple of hours pulling in nice Mahi Mahi and a few Ono.  After several passes the fish tend to get wary.  Now we get the ballyhoo out and enjoy some light tackle fun!  Of course there is always the possibility that a predator is nearby.  These floaters are considered “refrigerators” for Marlin and other Prey fish.  We always make several passes just outside the area before we leave.  Bigger fish tend to hang just outside and know a meal is there when they are ready to eat.

Featured in the photo is the “Lucky Linda” Lure made by Bomboy Lures


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Fire Hatt is a member of the AFTCO Pro Fishing Team.  You can go to and read their amazing story.

Tenatious Fight by 9 Year Old Aidan Hunter Lands Blue Marlin

Justin and Lenora Hunter are completing a full year of traveling around the world with their two sons.  Fishing in Kona Hawaii is one of their last trips before heading to Alaska.   9 year old Aidan and 12 year old Zach are experiencing opportunities of a life time while getting to fish in places like South Africa and various other destinations in the South Pacific.  Having caught some impressive fish along the way, they could only dream about hooking a Pacific Blue Marlin.  They Did!  We left the harbor at 7:00 am for a 3/4 day charter and headed South towards Captain Cook.  They enjoyed a beautiful snorkel in the bay and anxiously got back to the boat to continue the quest.  So far we did not even get a bite.  The boys are begining to look at Me and Adam and Mom and Dad giving the “Where’s the fish?” look. No pressure there… On our way back up the line just after noon, the long rigger line is bit and line is screaming!  The Ice Blue Lucky Linda Lure comes through for us again, we are Hooked Up!  It is a Blue Marlin and 9 year old Aidan is in the chair.  With lines cleared and Adam at his side, the battle begins.  I was so amazed at the tenacity of this young man!  He fought sooo hard.  After about fifteen minutes Aidan gave his older brother Zach an opportunity in the chair.  Knowing this was Aidan’s fish, Zach lets Aidan back in the chair to finish the fight.  This fish was to the boat quickly, we had it to leader two times and had to let go. On the third try we were able to successfully get the hook out and release a nice healthy fiesty Pacific Blue Marlin.  We estimated Aidan’s fish to be about 400 pounds.  This crushes the family record Marlin held by Aidan’s Grandfather, a 300+ pounder.  I think the bar has been set quite high for Zach now!

Featured in photo above is Adam Ludwig with Aidan’s Pacific Blue Marlin to leader wearing AFTCO Release Gloves.  The Lucky Linda Lure is by Bomboy Lures.

BIG Surprise for Tucson Family Fishing in Kona

BIG Surprise for Tucson Family Fishing in Kona.  All the Roddy family wanted was some small fish for their children to pull on…. That’s how it goes in Kona, Hawaii.  The family from Tucson, AZ boarded Fire Hatt for a half day charter with the anticipation of entertaining the kids and letting them pull on some small fish.  We were headed offshore to “F” Buoy where there were some reports of bait holding.  With the idea we might catch something a little bigger for Mike (Dad) we had out a nice assortment of lures that might snag a nice Shortbill Spearfish or Mahi Mahi along the way.  Shortly after giving the family the “Chair Talk”  we settled in for the ride to the buoy.  At 8:15 Adam saw a dorsal fin slide up behind the short corner lure.  Adam quickly started teasing the fish by dropping the lure back and retreiving it a few times, finally after just a few seconds the fish opened his mouth and Adam dropped it right into its mouth.  GAME ON!  We are hooked up!  Mike is in the chair fighting the fish of a life time.  After a 55 minute fight, we have the Pacific Blue Marlin to the boat.  The fish is weak and not responding to the efforts to revive it.  It is evident we are not going to be able to save the fish, so we are boarding it and headed to the scales.  The Pacific Blue Marlin weighed in at 697.5 pounds and was 125 inches long.  Caught on a Bomboy Lure,  this is the biggest marlin for Fire Hatt this year.  The bittersweet of the story…it is two days before the start of the H.I.B.T (Hawaii International Billfish Tournament) and we would really love to have had this fish next week!  It was a good warm up.

I think they will be back to try for the small fish they promised the children.

Yellowfin Tuna Are Here In Numbers

Yellowfin Tuna Are Here In Numbers.  John Lewis and his Son, Tim visiting the Big Island from Pasadena, CA  just wanted to catch something bigger than the 4 pound Trout that currently holds the family record.  As avid fly fishermen, they know the trials of getting a fish.  Today, we are hearing of Tuna “boiling”  in several different areas.  We headed to an area where there was some action and were lucky enough to hook one.  This did not come early in the day.  After the father and son duo had a nice continental breakfast followed by a short nap and then a little lunch followed by another short nap, we were headed back from “F” Buoy in about 1100 fathoms when I saw two white birds circle and crash in front of us.  A sure sign that something is below the surface.  About that time, Tuna boiled up and as I was making a pass through them, I told John and Tim to get ready!  As they were getting off the bridge, the short rigger is bit!  We are Hooked Up!  Tim is in the chair and brings his 115.5 lb Yellowfin tuna to the boat.  The Yellowfin Tuna was caught on a Ken Matsuura 50# reel.  Did I mention it took the “Lucky Linda” lure by Bomboy Lures?  The 4 lb family record for Trout has been shattered!

Father and Son Tag Team Releases 500+ lb Blue Marlin (VIDEO)

Father and Son Tag Team Releases 500+ lb Blue Marlin.  As the Froehlich Family boarded the Boat it was evident that the avid fisherman of the group was Mike’s son, Cole.  Dad and the family was along for the ride.  Cole’s largest fish to date is a 20 lb freshwater species.  The family had never been fishing in Kona Hawaii.  Once we left the harbor for todays adventure we had Cole in the fighting chair giving him the rundown on the do’s and don’ts on bringing in these fish.  Now the morning had passed without a single bite.  It was starting to weigh on all of us.  As we cruised in the warm tropical sun, lures had been changed out, we changed depths and direction, still nothing.  Then we made the turn and headed back to the harbor.  As we passed another boat that is skippered by Lure Maker Bomboy Llanes the short corner lure just exploded! We are hooked up!  A big Blue Marlin hit a “One on One” lure ironically made by Bomboy!  Karma!  The fish jumped 6 ft out of the water and put on quite a show.  Cole is in the fighting chair giving it all he has when shortly into the fight it is evident that he needs a little help.  Dad steps up and helps bring in the fish.  Earlier I had explained to our guests that the fish here, especially the Blue Marlin are “World Class Athletes” and are difficult to stop.  It is not uncommon for more than one angler to take a turn at fighting the fish of a life time.  This is a prime example of the sheer strength of the Blue Marlin.  After a 53 minute fight on a custom 50lb Marsuura Reel, Mike has the fish to the boat and Adam quickly grabs the leader and gently brings the fish to the side.  It was another textbook tag and release.  The fish is tired but is revived and swims away.  The wonderful memories shared by this Father and Son Tag Team duo hopefully will be remembered and shared for a lifetime. After all, It was Cole that was at the helm with me being given an opportunity to see what it was like to steer a boat when the fish hit.

Captain’s Bomboy Llanes and Lloyd Potter Don’t Disappoint

Captain’s Bomboy Llanes and Lloyd Potter Don’t Disappoint Linda and I as we were off Island for three weeks in February.  Along with our Crewman Adam Ludwig the Captain’s stepped in and graciously took many of our guests out.  We had constant contact several times a day from the crew filling us in on what we were missing.  Their first day out rewarded them with a Blue Marlin about 200 lbs and each day was followed by lots of activity.   It was bittersweet getting the information.  I was on the mainland teaching classes to Fire Fighters in Northern CA, Southern CA and Arizona.  Linda met up with me and spent some time in Redondo Beach and then headed to Texas to spend time with family.  The Crew consistantly entertained our guests and provided excellent service.  All you boat owners out there can only imagine the feeling of walking away from a boat you love and leaving it in the hands of someone else.  I have to say that my experience was without a doubt as satisfying as I could have hoped for.  Thank You Guys!  I can’t forget to mention Chet Chiara behind the scenes.  Chet made sure the crew had plenty of ice every day and provided them with fresh fruit and muffins daily.  Chet lives in Anchorage Alaska and was crew when we brought in the unbelievable 978.5 lb Pacific Blue Marlin last March.  We were able to enjoy our time off Island knowing our business was in good hands.

Adam Ludwig and Captain Bomboy Llanes (Bomboy Lures) featured in photo.


Lucky Lady Hooked Up and Lucky Linda Lure is Lost

Lucky Lady Hooked Up and Lucky Linda Lure is Lost!  This is true.  Katherine and Mark from Lincolnshire, IL boarded Fire Hatt for a day of snorkeling at Captain Cook Bay and an afternoon of fishing.  After trolling to Captain Cook and enjoying some snorkeling, which by the way had two Humpback Whales just yards from shore.  What a sight to see.  The two whales leisurely hung in the bay for hours.  Several kayakers and many boats got to  hover a safe distance and watch them.  Truly a remarkable sight.  Spinner Dolphin joined up later as we were leaving the cove.  Now with lines back in the water and lunches being eaten, we are headed out to the deep.  Not many boats out today and not many reports of fish except a few Mahi Mahi, it didn’t look too promising.  We were headed back to the harbor and had just started to put things away and start to bring in the lines when Linda saw a fish coming in straight for the “Lucky Linda” on the short rigger.  One strike, then another and the fish was on. A nice Pacific Blue Marlin!  Kathy was the designated angler and was in the chair in seconds after the hook up.  The Marlin came up jumping and running, we could clearly see it was a nice fish.  After about 15 minutes the line goes slack, the fish is off.  Ouch!  And the Lure is gone too.  Not to fear though, Bomboy (Bomboy Lures) made the lure for me and will have another one (or five) to me as soon as possible.  Kathy hooked up to a marlin a few years ago in the Bahamas and it came off after about an hour of fighting it.  Looks like third times a charm for this Lucky Lady Angler.

15 lb Ono for 7 Yr old Tommy

A 15 lb Ono for 7 Yr old Tommy.  Have you have ever witnessed the face of a child on a fishing rod fighting a fish of any size and anticipating what he is about to land? It is absolutely the most innocent display of sheer ecxitement you can imagine.  Tommy is that story.  On a half day family fishing trip with his Parents and Grandpa, we left the harbor and saw the Spinner Dolphin playing around the green buoy at the harbor entrance.  We headed south.  Having had no activity for hours, we were headed back to the harbor.  Not a good feeling when you have a child that wants to catch a fish.  After all, he was “Fishing”.   This was an extremly patient young man that spent most of the time on the bridge looking for birds, splashes and any sigh that might bring a strike. As the day was winding down, First Mate Adam Ludwig switched out the stinger lure to a Bomboy Bullett and with about 30 seconds left before he was to start bringing in the lines, the stinger is bit!  A Hail Mary Bite!  7 year old Tommy landed the 15 lb Ono and has a great story to tell.  ( And a meal to share.)  Happy New Year Tommy.

World Class Hawaiian Fishing Adventure in Kona

Saying “Welcome to Kona Hawaii” is just an understatement!  How about “Welcome to a World Class Hawaiian Fishing Adventure!”  Casey Jedynak’s family are newly transplanted locals from Richmond WA.  Imagine your family arranging for a day of fishing in the beautiful waters of  Kona for what turned out to be a battle with a estimated 500+ pound Pacific Blue Marlin.  Yes it was Casey’s first Marlin.  His largest fish until now was a 20 pound Salmon.   We were one for three today.  This was the second bite for the day.  Casey did a great job on the rod.  The strength and determination of youth was surely a factor in this fight!  I am proud to say it was taken on the Lucky Linda Lure by Bomboy Lures.  Lucky Linda has been on a brief vacation lately.  The current batch of marlin have not taken her seriously.  She is now back in business!