The Ono Are Here In Numbers

The Ono Are Here In Numbers.  This family from Wincote, PA chose the perfect time to come fishing in Kona Hawaii!  We will start with Ben.  All Ben wanted was to catch a fish.  Our intention was to put in the Ono Lures and head to Captain Cook Bay so the family could snorkel.  We got some information about a “floater” that was holding Mahi Mahi so we diverted from the plan and headed out to look for it.  We spotted the floater and no kidding, at least 15 other boats that got the same information.  After just a few passes we managed to hook a small big Eye Tuna for Ben.  Ben made nice work of the light tackle and had the fish to the boat in moments.  As we studied the area and saw that only small baits were being caught, we decided to head back to our original destination.  After a wonderful snorkel in the bay, we are back on patrol.  We have trolled for about an hour and Adam is changing the pattern.  He asks Ben to choose a lure.  Ben chooses an Aloha Lure called the “Gully Boy” and Adam puts it on the long rigger.  After just a rew minutes, Wham!  Tthe long rigger line is down, we are Hooked Up!  Ben is in the chair once again and bringing the Ono to the boat effortlessly.  He is stunned at the sight of the Ono.  This is Ben’s biggest fish by far.  Now the lines are back out and we are hooked up again….now Kevin, Ben’s dad is in the chair and while we are clearing the other lines, the stinger goes down.  A double!.  Ben’s Sister, Emily is now fighting a fish too.  Emily begins to show a little fatigue so Ben steps in and takes over so she can rest her arm.  Emily gets a second wind and Ben reluctantly gives her back the rod…. both fish are landed.  What a fun time.  In the end, Dad’s fish was the biggest, 27 lbs.  We will have Ben choose lures any time.  The family was also traveling with a Flat Mason.  Mom is a teacher so she brought him along for one of her students.  The luckiest Flat Mason in that class room!