Three Fish Day for Chet Chiara and The Hemler’s

Three Fish Day for the Fire Hatt

Doug Hemler's 40+lb Shortbill Spearfish

The fish are here, they are biting and the fun has just begun!  Doug Hemler and his son Eric from Golden, CO.  enjoyed a morning of fishing along with Chet Chiara from Ankorage, AK.  The morning started with a nice rip on the long corner, a Joe Yee Super Plunger was devoured by a 20+lb Mahi Mahi.  Eric fought the fish to the boat in a matter of minutes.  Shortly after getting the lines back in the water, the long rigger zipped.  This time a nice Shortbill Spearfish for Doug.  The father and son duo did tell us they were lucky when it came to fishing…the proof was demonstrated today.   Then It was Chet’s turn in the chair.  First the long rigger bounced a couple of times with the rubber band not breaking.  Knowing there was a fish back there, we brought the stinger in a little closer.  Captain Chuck made a turn to stall the lines and Bam, it took it!  Then it came off, then it took it again.  Chet had teased the fish back by letting out the line then giving it several cranks.  Success!  Just another wonderful morning on the water in Kona Hawaii!

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