Kathy’s Kitchen Owner visits Kona Hawaii

Kathy’s Kitchen Owner visits Kona Hawaii.  Kathy (Illinois State Fair Winner for over 30 years) along with her Husband, Darrell spent the day fishing with us, what a treat to finally meet her.  For Years we have been purchasing wonderful products from Kathy’s Kitchen, a family owned business from Virginia, Illinois.  Most notably for us, we use her Vidalia Onion Relish.  Some of you probably saw my recipe in an article I write for Coastal Angler Magazine.  Back to fishing… once we left the harbor we returned to an area where we had several bites the day before.   Once we got there we found a porpoise school we headed for it.  After just a few passes we are hooked up.  Adam’s new favorite lure that had been getting the bites all week is bit.  Light tackle, porpoise school, screaming reel and five other lines to clear, you get the picture.  Kathy gets to the chair, Adam transfers the rod to her and after just a few moments the line goes slack!  Ouch!  Now we realize that not only is the fish off, so is Adam’s lure!  Another painful loss.  (Last week Lucky Linda was lost.)  Luckily, we have photos of the lure and now the search is on to find another one just like it or one similar.  I always tell our guests, “The best lures made are on the bottom of the ocean”.  Adam is now going through all the lures on the boat looking for a temporary replacement.  Do they have support groups for situations like this?  We finished our day with several more strikes with nothing sticking.  Still very exciting.

Recipe for Vidalia Onion Coated Fish:  (Spearfish and Ono our favorites, works wonderfully on skewered shrimp too.) Basically, we soak a cedar plank for hours and then prepare the relish along with real mayonaise and coat the fish.  I place very thin sliced lemons or limes under the fish and arrange them on the cedar plank.  Dust the fish with a little smoked paprika and place on the grill on medium and cook for about 20 minutes.  You should try it!

Contact Kathy at 217-452-3035 for everything from Beet Pickles to Jalapeno Jelly