Trucker’s Chucker aka Shortbill Spearfish

Trucker’s Chucker aka Shortbill Spearfish.  Trucker and his buddies, fellow horticulturists from Northern California just wanted to do some fishing in Kona Hawaii.  The group boarded Fire Hatt and we headed for the “Grounds”.  What started out to be a three quarter day quickly turned into a full day as the bites started coming.  Final count two Shortbill Spearfish and four bites. Not a bad day on the water.  Credit being given to a small lure from Adam’s collection by an unknown maker…. we could not keep the fish off of it!  I’m thinking it could be the follow-up for the lost Lucky Linda Lure.  We are now on the hunt to try to find more of the hot little number before we loose it! Having had such good luck, the group will be returning later this week for another chance at what they hope will be a Blue Marlin.  Once back to the dock, Crewman Adam Ludwig cleaned and packaged the fish for the group to take home with them.  If you have never tasted our local Spearfish, you are missing out.  Commonly seen on local menus as Hebe, the flaky white meat is almost sweet to the taste.  Prepared on a cedar plank, grilled or pan seared you should try it while you are here.

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