Wahoo! Fishing in Kona Hawaii

Wahoo! Fishing in Kona Hawaii. One word sums up today.  Textbook.  Rick and his family from Massachusetts boarded the Fire Hatt for a fun filled day of fishing down to Captain Cook Bay, getting in the water for a little snorkeling adventure and then fishing back to the harbor.  On the way down the coast, one line goes down, then another, then another.  J.T. is in the chair, Mom Peggy and Rick are fighting theirs out of the gunnells.  We call this “Controlled Chaos”.  Three lines hooked up, three fish landed.  Everyone is still excited about their morning catch as they are getting into the incredibly clear pacific blue water to snorkel.  With much anticipation about the trip back up the coast, and Suzie the only one that has not caught a fish, we leave the cove and put lines back in the water.  Heading offshore this time to hopefully find a Blue Marlin, we are hooked up again, Suzie is in the chair and she brings in her prize.  Her first Wahoo! (Also known as “Ono” here in Hawaii)Suzie’s parents now realize they have just created a fishergirl for life!  She couldn’t get enough and her excitement was a sheer joy to watch.  I think we will see this family again….

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  1. The Jewlal family
    The Jewlal family says:

    Hey, hi!

    So we’re enjoying your email and photos but sad we didn’t catch any fish that beautiful January day. We’ll never forget the snorkelling at Captain Cook…only wish Elizabeth had jumped in.

    Well, Dennis is thinking he’d like to come for his 50th in July. Wouldn’t take much to twist the rest of our arms 🙂

    Thanks again for amazing memories! (the frozen mahimahi was delicious!)

    Angie, Dennis, Elizabeth and Andrew

    • Linda Wilson
      Linda Wilson says:

      We enjoyed having you and your family on board. We would love to have you back for Dennis’s big day! Maybe that will be the lucky combination for a nice fish.

      Sincere Mahalo,
      Linda and Captain Chuck


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