Yellowfin Tuna Caught Fishing in Kona Hawaii

This yellowfin tuna was caught by our Fresno CA guests while fishing with us in Kona Hawaii. Ted and Joanna Semonious along with their friends Steve and Keri Paregien and Brian and Justine Fisher boarded the Fire Hatt for a adventure they will be talking about for a while.   With lady luck on their side and of course the Lucky Linda Lure in the pattern, we headed south.  Keri was in the chair first.  She had never caught a fish, period.  In just a short time the stinger line is bit.  Keri jumps in the chair giggling with the widest eyes I have seen in a while.  She fights her fish with the help of  Ted Semonious,  a Fresno CA Fire Battalion Chief and the 88 lb Yellowfin is boated about 30 minutes later.  Did mention it was caught on the Lucky Linda Lure?  By Bomboy Lures.