A Grand Time Aboard Fire Hatt

A Grand Time Aboard Fire Hatt.  This is my first day back on the boat in twelve days.  I was on the mainland teaching my Fire Department classes and could not wait to get back on the water.  While I was away, I had a backup Captain, Lloyd Potter.  Every day I would check in with him and Adam and tell them both “NO GRANDERS!”  They just chuckled and went fishing.  Today I had double charters. I took a family to Captain Cook in the morning for a snorkel/fishing trip.  I brought those guests back to the harbor without having a bite all morning.  We did see a fabulous display from a mighty Humpback Whale though.  With the afternoon guests on board for a four hour trip, we head back out.  Salil Kharat just wanted to catch something!  Being from the Folsom, CA area, Salil loves to fish.  Having caught his share of  Trout and other species, he wanted at least a food fish today.  He brought along his wife and two little girls for a family fishing day who waited almost the whole trip for some action.  Salil’s oldest daughter told her Mom she was praying for a fish for her Dad.  With only a half hour left and heading back to the harbor, I saw something slashing the water ahead of me.  I went to check it out….now the short rigger line is screaming.  We are Hooked Up!  The fish exploded and ran fiercely.  Saul is in the chair fighting the fish of a lifetime.   The line  ripped off the reel in seconds and I had to turn the boat an chase the fish to get line back.   A fter a two hour fight on a Ken Matsuura 50 reel spooled with a topshot of 130lb mono with 650 yards of backing, we have subdued the fish.  We are all overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Marlin.  Adam leadered the fish and held her while I gaffed.  After several minutes and a come-along, we have the fish through the transom door and we are headed to the scales.  1,058 pounds later, we have our Pacific Blue Marlin Grander!  Salil has the greatest fishing story ever and his family have memories of a lifetime!  All is good in paradise!

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  1. Salil Simon Kharat
    Salil Simon Kharat says:

    Chuck, Linda, & Adam ,

    Thank you for an awesome, world class trip of a lifetime for me and my family. You are the best sports fishing team in the world. I felt very comfortable bringing my wife and kids aboard the Fire Hatt, and your professionalism was unparallel. Catching the blue marlin grander was the best fishing experience in our lifetime.

    We will be back again in Kona to fish with you again. Have already recommended the Fire Hatt to all the high rollers.

    Salil Simon Kharat

  2. Priya Kharat
    Priya Kharat says:

    Congratulations everyone. Still cann’t believe that Salil Kharat got to have this once of a life time opportunity. Well done indeed. We are all proud of you.


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