A Grander (1000+ lbs.) for FIRE HATT

Grander 1058 lbs Marlin

Something truly amazing happened for our little fishing charter company here in Kona. We landed a “Grander” which is a fish that most fisherman only dream of, weighing 1000+ pounds.

The 1,058 Pound Blue Marlin was caught by our guest and client, Salil Simon Kharat, on a black and Pink Moldcraft Softhead Lure. It took Salil only 2 hours and 35 minutes to land the Grander on a Ken Matsuura 50 Reel loaded with 650 yards of backing with a topshot of 130 lb Amilon Mono. Salil was visiting from Folsom, California with his wife and two little girls on an afternoon fishing charter and just wanted to enjoy a family adventure while vacationing in Hawaii. I’m thinking he has a lot memories to share with his family for a very long time.

This photo below was shared with us from Leigh Ann Stumfoll on the boat Sapo. Sapo was beside us when the Grander struck. This is an awesome action shot, showing the sheer size and magnitude of this giant fish.

IMG_2386 1

Check out this YouTube video below that Salil put together for us. Nice Work!

This catch also secured our entry into an exclusive and prestigious group called the World Grander Club.

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  1. Bruce Wilson
    Bruce Wilson says:

    Congratulations on your “Grander” catch! Your neighbor Wilsons to the north and below (next to the Frosts).

    Bruce and Kathy

    • KMRS
      KMRS says:

      Congratulations for Salil faimy and Captain.
      We feel very glad.
      We will hope that good partnership continues in future.

      Ken.Matsuura Racing Servic From JAPAN

      • linda
        linda says:

        Mr. Matsuura,

        We are honored to have Matsuura reels. You can add “Grander” to your list of accomplishments. Thank you for your continued support.

        Sincere Mahalo,
        Chuck and Linda Wilson
        Team Fire Hatt

      • Salil Simon Kharat
        Salil Simon Kharat says:

        Dear. Mr. Matsuura,

        Thank you! Below is a condensed synopsis of my experience. Your reel performed flawlessly while catching the grander. The RDS system did not overshoot during strike and the drag power was constant. The line was constantly taught on the reel. Acceleration and de-accelaration of the reel was phenominal during the initial stage of the strike. The low and high gear shifting lever worked smoothly, its location is well placed, and shifting the gears was very efficient. The gear lever pull weight was also low, which helped me in shifting the gears easily. The human factors and ergonomic design of the handle to crank the reel was exceptional. One thing to note is that my right palm was not sore even after cranking the handle for about 2 hours. The left side plate level drag which was used at multiple intervals fulfilled it’s purpose in slowing down the release of the line.

        Captain Chuck Wilson has expert knowledge of the Kona coastline and keeps a watchful eye on the horizon, which played a big factor in catching the grander.

    • linda
      linda says:

      Thank you…we are still smiling…when you get some time…we would love to meet you and discuss the 55th heaviest Blue Marlin of all time taken by FIRE HATT. Let’s get togther.
      Chuck and Linda


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