The Most Fun I Eever Had Fishing

The most fun I ever had fishing in Kailua Kona Hawaii and never caught a fish.

(This post is a review from the Phillips Family posted on TripAdvisor.  Featured in the photo is a close family friend, Marco that was on the trip with them.)

My wife, kids and I lake fish often at our cabin in California’s Big Bear Lake. This was also our fourth private fishing charter in the 10 years we have been coming to the Hawaiian Islands. First trip without a catch.  But, to spend the day off the Kona Coast on a magnificent sportfishing boat (43′ Hatteris) like the Fire Hatt, with two engaging pros like Chuck and Linda, well, that is as good as it gets! Had such a good time visiting and learning about sportfishing and the big island, I almost forgot we were fishing.  When you’re out on the ocean, you never know what to expect, and this trip was no exception. Linda spotted a small bobbing buoy with some splashing around it, and we investigated. There was a 150 lb. blue marlin snagged by a buoyed fishing trap. We circled to try and release the fish, but the marlin took the whole contraption deep and we were never able to find her again; despite Chuck’s best efforts to get her released.  We also spent time with a very large pod of pilot whales that allowed us to tag along with them. The kids were very excited about all this as well as the generous and delicious fresh fruit and snacks that were provided for them by Linda.  When fishing, you get what the ocean gives and nothing is promised. The husband and wife team of the Fire Hatt went to every length to try and ensure our success fishing, but some days it just doesn’t happen, no matter what. All I know is that if you don’t go, you have a zero percent  chance of catching fish. We all live to fish another day.  The Most Fun I Eever Had Fishing in Kailua Kona Hawaii.
Thanks Chuck and Linda- We’ll be back to fish another day!
Ken, Ruthanne & kids
I should also add, this was a full day charter (8 hours) and we didn’t stop fishing until well into our ninth hour! Kudos to Chuck and Linda for going the extra mile! No rushing us to get back to the dock. Dissapointment was never an option, we had a blast!